Its Friday and a day to honor Venus.  She  moved into her favorite constellation in the sky where she is exalted at 27 degrees but it will not reach there until May as she  will go stationary/retrograde on Friday, March 3rd.  Still she will spend about 3 weeks here.  All of her sojurn will be in the first pada (Pisces 16.40-20.00) which is owned by Jupiter which brings out its lucky, optimistic and philanthropic  side but can lead to fanatical exposing of beliefs.  Still this transit supports the spiritual side of Venus but also could bring up strong idealized visions of marriage to continue supporting the race.  Venus will return to this constellation May 15-30th so if you do not get it right the next 3 weeks, you will get another chance.  Still a great time for artistic and spiritual development that will be felt most on Fridays, the day the Venus rules.

The constellation of Revati is a very satvic or pure constellation that supports the spiritual warrior so service work or action that benefits humanity is supported the next three weeks.

The famous Pisces fish represent the fish swimming its path in the sea is connected to life-path and the path to liberation but it is more as it is connecting to the universal mind and reminds us of the true meaning of Jai Guru Dev, Victory to the Big Mind.  Only by letting go of our small ego and surrendering to the Divine will, do we stand a chance of transcending the changing world.

The diety of the constellation is Pushan, connected to the sun, who lights the paths to the Divine and is connected to travel whether mental journeys or spiritual pilgrimages.  Both are the same.  As Saul Bellow’s character in Henderson the Rain King proclaims, “all travel is mental travel.”  Hence our outer quests are part of our inner quest to return to the Divine.

Revati is ruled by the planet Mercury and contains all the Divine wisdom that exists in the Universe as it allows one to understand the possibilities of the entire creation.  Hence as we get the spring transits through Revati and creating great yogas with Jupiter in Virgo aspecting Pisces, we should get a deep awakening of spiritual knowlege and a great time for spiritual journeys.   This should lighten the heavy Saturn transit that will not relent this year and provide spiritual upliftment this spring with transits into Revati with  Venus, Feb. 21-March 14th and again May 12-30th and then the Sun March 30-April 14th and Mercury, March 18-March 27th.  Use these transits to contemplate and discover the infinite nature of the Divine and begin new spiritual journey–both inner and outer.

The Sanskrit name for Mercury is Buddha (the enlightened one) and Mercury’s sense of humor reminds us that the journey to the Divine does not have to be a heavy and serious one but can be filled with tricks from the Guru and laughter.  Still Mercury cannot lead us to the Divine without Jupiter the Guru.  With  Jupiter in Virgo (Mercury’s sign) and all the planets transiting through Mercury’s constellation in Pisces, the strong connections will foster the blending of spiritual awakening if search it out. Use these spring transits  to deepen your search for the mysteries of the universe, beyond the craziness of political nonsense so that you can find lasting peace.

Special thanks to Prash Trivedi for his insights into the wonderful constellation and to all my Gurus that continue to light the path.  Blessing to you all this Sunday.

As always, we try to write general forecasts for the populace but transits are 20% of prediction and subject to the larger cycles you are running.  Reading charts is like reading DNA strands and people are so unique.  If you need a reading or update and what is going on, visit our website.

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