An annular solar eclipse is when a narrow ring of the Sun is visible beyond the dark mask of the moon.  This will begin on  Sunday, February 26, 2017 at 12:10 PM  GMT  (6:10 AM CST), peaking at 2.58 PM  GMT  (8:58 AM CST) and  finishing  at 11:35 CST . The eclipse will be visible from Southern South America, Antarctica and the  the South Pacific Ocean,  and ending in Africa.  Areas around the world most likely to be stirred up would be areas of South America and South Africa which have been a bit more politically unstable anyway.

In general, solar eclipses are a powerful time for meditation and spiritual practice but tend to be inauspicious for anything important.  Solar eclipses affect the digestion so good to fast at least 3 hours before the eclipse and 2 hours afterwards, which will be easier in the US than in Europe or Asia.

The Eclipse will happen around 9 degrees Aquarius  and will eclipse the Sun and Moon at 14 degrees Aquarius,  in the constellation of Shatabhishak.   If you have any key planets in the 9-15 degree area of Aquarius, you will feel the impact most and particularly if your rising sign or Sun or Moon is located there.  If you are running a  Sun/Ketu or Moon/Ketu dasha you will have the most impact but even anyone running a Ketu mahadasha or a Rahu mahadasha may notice it rather dramatically.  If you are Leo or Aquarius rising you will be impacted more greatly.

The constellation of Satabhishak is impacted most and the Sun’s connection to Ketu tends to bring up old karmic patterns.  This is a time for deep healing and if you fail to face your demons and succumb to addictive patterns, you could be for a dark journey the next few weeks. It will  be important to go for the light and do your spiritual practices and go for the deep healing.  There could be a tendency to externalize unfulfilled past life issues through the present experiences and Ketu’s transit here and the conjunction on Tuesday may stir up this energy.  Ketu may not be able to suppress the demons from past lives so it will be important to be aware of all the nonsense stirring up with the eclipse. It will real be important the next week not to get stuck in the past or project old energies onto new circumstances and to let go and move on.

Remember this is a quest to annihilate the ego and will require deep healing work to be done. Good time over the rest of the year to take a long meditation retreat for a week to merge with the divine; otherwise, the mind may seem plagued.

Mercury is close to the Sun at the time of eclipse and its benefic energy will help but its significators will be harmed and so Virgo and Gemini ascendants will feel the impact also and issues around business, publishing and miscommunication and travel may be affected for a week.

Ketu eclipses feel exhausting and depressing as we just experience with Sun conjunct Ketu on Wednesday, Feb. 22nd so it is a good time to rest.   If you are Aquarius rising or in a Ketu period you may experience it more intensely and feel emotionally and mentally drained or your health may be impacted or you may feel confused.

Countries most impacted by the Eclipse that may take the biggest hit include South Africa which has its Ascendant there, Canada which has a natal Jupiter there, Nepal which has a natal Sun in that area and Chile which has a natal Saturn close to the eclipse and Hungary which has a natal moon. ( Sources: Nick Campion: The Book of World Horoscopes)  The impact of a solar eclipse is said to last 6 months until the next one which is on August 21st and planets transiting over the eclipse point can trigger a flare of energy.  Except for Mercury going over the eclipse area through March 3rd,  planets will not impact it very greatly this year with the exception of Mars in Cancer doing an 210 degree aspect to it on July 26th.

We do have Mars conjunct Uranus on Feb. 26th and that is often a signature for earthquakes and volcanic activity so that could easily be up for a trigger into Feb. 28th, the day ruled by Mars.

With Mercury posited in the same sign as the eclipse it is said that the ruler of the country will go through a trying time. That is not a difficult prediction given the opposition to Trump in the US and the world but his Jupiter period should get him through the challenges.

It is said that if an eclipse occurs on a Sunday, that the price of sugar, wheat and cotton will rise after a lapse of two months and that companies manufacturing food products will be strong which puts the Heinz/Kraft Unilever deal more in the spotlight.  It is though that silver falls after an eclipse that happens on a Sunday but all of these ancient proclamations are contextual to so many factors.  I have not back-tested these findings but found them in the literature.

Fear of eclipses is so often worse than anything they really produce unless they are making a direct hit on your chart and you are running a malefic period that may amplify them so rest in God’s grace knowing that the world will continue and you will be safe.  Still, the houses in your chart being impacted by the eclipse connected to Aquarius and Leo  may be affected.

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