This could be an eventful week as there are a lot of big event happening for the outer planets  but how they impact your personal chart will vary.  Highlighting the week is Saturn going stationary/retrograde on April 6th and Uranus transiting into Aries on April 7th and Pluto squaring the Sun on Saturn April 8th. On a smaller level, Mercury will go retrograde on Sunday April 9th and Jupiter will retrograde back into the constellation of Hasta (Virgo 13.20-26.39) on April 8th.  We will write more about the world later.

Monday starts out with Rahu in Leo throwing an exact 120 aspect to Mercury in Aries.  They are friends so Rahu can magnify the intellect  and great a sharp mind with strong communicative abilities.  Still on the darker side with Ketu’s connection in Ashwini, mental phobias and imbalances can come up or a tendency toward arrogance but can also lead to self-doubt or poor self-image  if you are Virgo or Gemini rising. It is a quick transit and most of the impact will be over after Wednesday but Mercury is slowing down to go retrograde so we will get a repeat and hence it will have a long and lingering impact into April 21st and then return for 4-5 days in mid-May.

There is a lot of outer planetary influences with Pluto throwing a 120 degree aspect onto Mars into Wednesday, April 8th which will be felt a few days before and after particularly by Aries rising.   This aspect will support transformation and new ambitions to change your life.  Think big and be a Visionary with this aspect for the benefit of the world. This aspect will help you undertstand your motivations  and create a framework for giving birth to a new yo.  This can also bring about a major change in your life.

We have written about the Saturn station already on April 6th.  If you are Capricorn or Aquarius rising or if the planet with the highest degree in your chart is Saturn (atmakaraka), then you may feel a lot of power this week with Saturn’s station and it can create great solidity and groundness and will particularly be felt on Saturn’s day, Saturday, April 8th.

Sun opposes Jupiter on Friday, April 7th between Pisces and Virgo.  On a subjective level, this create an expansive quality in your life to do great things and you will probably succeed so think big but do not bowl others over.  Pisces and Leos will have the most trouble here as the Sun owns the 6th house for Pisces rising and this creates problems with father figures and bosses and Leo is experiencing and 8th house transit of the Sun which can bring up past karma for transformation but Jupiter’s grace is shining on the Sun creating the ability to magically get through challenges.   Avoid being arrogant or over-confident with the transit if you are a Leo and remember to be humble and help others.

Sun squares Pluto on Saturday, April 8th. If you are Leo rising, you may particularly feel powerful pressure and forces affecting you.  Use the energy for positive transformation.  Be careful with authority and powerful figures and be patient with breakdowns with machinery which has been  a theme anyways with Mars and Mercury in Ketu’s constellation of Ashwini.

Saturn is squaring Venus and Jupiter is transiting into Hasta on Saturday and we will write more about this later in the week.


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