Spring is here but April looks like it will bring challenges for growth. We all want our life to go perfectly but that is not always the case.  When we make mistakes and obstacles happen and we immediate start feeling that should not have happened and we get thrown off center.   The key to life is acceptance of what is.   Yet we spend so much time regretting the past and mistakes we have made or fighting what happened.

How much value is there in looking at the past? Its like driving in the night and constantly looking in the rear view mirror–it is going to cause problems.  I value therapy and healing our past wounds but I also find that too much of it forces the past into the present.  Our lives may still run by events that happened when we were 10 years old, but are we not a different person now and yet the past seems very real and haunts us.  I am amazed how traumatized I still am by striking out at a baseball game at age 10 at a baseball game and having my teammates turn on me and reject me.

We have an abundance of retrograde planets happening all at once:  Venus is retrograde until April 15th.  Jupiter is retrograde until June 9th.  Mercury goes retrograde April 9-May 2nd.  Saturn goes retrograde this week April 6th – August 25th and Pluto will go retrograde April 20 to Sept. 28th.  This will bring up a lot of past mistakes to do over. Its like the Bill Murray movie Ground Hog Day.   We are here on the planet in school to learn from our mistakes and get it right the next time with new and higher choices.  We have written about all the retrogrades already and will write about the new ones as they get closer.

Retrogrades are not necessarily bad but they are helping us to reflect and reorganize and re-do things right.  Jupiter retrograde in Virgo has forced me to stop procrastinating and clean my offices and get them in order.  Venus retrograde has forced me to reflect on my marriage and do a better job and we will renew our vows later in the spring for  another 20 years.  Mercury retrograde starting April 9th should push us all to get important business transactions and contracts in place and get our computers and communication systems in order before we have to deal with delays.  We have written last week about Saturn retrograde but it can used positive for deep spiritual growth, going on meditation retreats and getting work together.   Pluto retrograde starting April 20th will force us to  release the old, outworn, outdated and obsolete in our lives and  let go of attitudes, thinking or communication patterns, security drives an  rigid emotions.  I find Pluto very powerful particularly for Scorpio rising and is so often about surrender to Divine will so that we can let go of our small ego and rise to realizing our own Divinity.

Accept and embrace all the changes that come with the retograde planets and  become so much bigger and more powerful and light so that your love can transform the planet.



If you need a reading, sign up at www.appliedvedicastrology.   Time to show some hidden light and unlock these karmas that often run our lives for years.

My upcoming course  Spiritual Astrology and the Schools of Karma will spend a little time going over the Schools of Karma and getting it right this time.



PART 2: The Haunts from the Past and Ketu (South Node)

The placement of Ketu in our charts has a lot to do with what kind of healing we have to do from the past.   If you are running a Ketu period on some level or running a cycle of a planet placed in Ketu’s nakshatras of Mula (Sagittarius 0-13.20), Ashwini (Aries 0-13.20) or Magha (Leo 0-13.20), then your life could become dominated by healing the past. My upcoming course on the Schools of Karma and Spiritual Astrology will address this.

The next few months through June, the planets are beckoning us to review the past through a number of transits.  Saturn stays in Ketu’s contellation of Mula until June 20th and returns there for much of the end of 2017 and 2018 and we have written about this. (See:

The Sun will be in Ashwini (April 13-26th) where it is exalted and we are empowered to shed more Divine light and discover our Divinity.   Rahu continues in transit in Magha in Leo in a Ketu constellation until late August churning up deep karmic patterns for healing.  Mercury is retrograde in Ashwini owned by Ketu also until May 23rd.   We are going to be called to clean up the past and it can be a deeply spiritual experience as only Ketu can create and it does not have to be painful.   Past life regression can and therapeutic digging can sometimes be harmful as it can bring the past into present and make it more real.  Meditation, mantras, service work, pujas are better ways to clean house and not relive the past and if you are fortunate, a Sat Guru can sometimes just lift stuff through his grace and deep love and I have been blessed many times to have had this happen.

On one level, we  are here to get it right this time and not make the same mistakes and the D-60 chart rectified can reveal our past life.  I think astrology can be valuable in shedding light on this and what is running one’s life. I recently got in touch with my last life revealed in a past-life regression and clearly noted in my D-60 chart where I died in a World War 1 foxhole as a German solider and so many years were spent trapped and feeling that it was not safe to come out.

My current dasha that has a strong Ketu influence has me not wanting to go out of the house much because it does not feel safe.  While past periods had me traveling around the world and teaching and enjoying the adventure of foreign lands, I just want to stay home now and be safe.   The light of Jyotish has finally helped me understand these deep pattern and with some mantras and Vedic ceremonies I have been finally been able to release this energy and get out more.  Hence if we are going to deal with the past, we have to shine the light on understanding it and then we have to have good tools to release it and get out of its grips.  My team of transformational healers has been assembled to support people in this way.


Still the value of Jyotish and the light is shine truth and Divinity on our darkness and to help release it but usually it takes a little help from our friends.  My practice has now centered on transformational healing and counseling work to release the past in the least painful way in and to vaporize it and return it back to the light.    The School of Karma can become a playground and a place for revelations for healing and growth and moving back to our purpose on the planet, to merge in Divine love and help others.

Accept and embrace all the changes that come with the retograde planets, with Saturn, with Ketu and use this time to become so much bigger and more powerful and light so that your love can transform the planet.

I will be also speaking at the Sedona Vedic Astrology Conference Nov. 30-Dec. 2nd on Hidden Psychological Patterns in Vedic Astrology. This is a great conference of talented people and I hope you will take time in your schedule to come.   Visit

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