Monday, a day ruled by the moon is dedicated to meditation and Lord Shiva and today is the 7th day of the Nine Days of Mother Divine, connected to Saraswati with the moon in Ardra Nakshatra ( located Gemini 6.40-19.59) know by Western astronomers as Betelguese.

Ardra means “the moist one” as in green shoots the fecundity of clouds but also is connected to tears, sweat and the purification process.  It is connected to Rudra  and can bring up intense sorrow but it can bring up great achievement in the quest that began in the constellation of Orion that we experienced the previous day.

With the Mercury being aspected by Rahu exactly today and the moon in Ardra, it is a time of heightened sensitivity and very stirred up mind subjected to all kinds of hurts. It can be like a thunderstorm but will pass  quickly and a good storm will clear up the mind and the emotions.

In the US central time zone, the moon is mostly in the 4 quarter (Gemini 16.40-19.59) ruled by Pisces which is very sensitive and compassionate  with a desire to help others  less fortunate.  Good day for service and meditation and charity work.  By 2 pm, the moon goes into Purnavasu  (Gemini 20-Cancer 3.20) in the constellation of Castor and Pollux and bring in the rich energy of Jupiter.

We do not write enough about the moon because it moves so quickly but it is a special Monday so celebrate wisdom with deep meditation as the ascendent  for liberation and rebirth continues as we move to the final part of the nine days of Mother Divine.


Rising to Timelessness and Freedom.

We have discussed how the nine days of Mother Divine is the journey from the material existence from the base chakra to the heavens and on Day 7, the darkest day, the energy moves from the third eye to the crown chakra and it is the first of 3 days devoted to Saraswati the goddess of wisdom.   In this case, the reminder is that everything in the temporal world is changing and the highest aspect of wisdom is Knowledge of the Self and our timeless and eternal nature.

Saraswati is the  the slayer of all that is an obstacle in the path to timelessness. Time is one of the biggest bondage and fear in humankind. When we comfort in our life we  becomes attached to the material  and when are challenged we are also caught up in the fear and challenges.    Saraswati reminds us not to get attached to comfort or challenges and go deeper to the Higher Self.   Rise above all bondage to be free whether comfortable or despairing.    Great day to meditate and devote yourself to why you have come to the planet, to be free and help others.

If you need a reading, sign up at www.appliedvedicastrology.   Time to show some hidden light and unlock these karmas that often run our lives for years.

My upcoming course  Spiritual Astrology and the Schools of Karma will spend a little time going over the Schools of Karma and getting it right this time.

Very exciting class starting May 7th good deeply into the rich mythology, psychology, symbology of the planets, signs and stars but also learning new ways to translate those symbols for your personal life in a very microscopic way and helping to understand the nature of the different types of Karma and the schools that each planet is trying to teach us on our journey.

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