Sun is moving into Aries today on April 13th late in the afternoon to inaugurate a new solar year. It is considered weak when it is moving between 29.40 Pisces and 0.40 Aries and it is hitting that surprising planet Uranus exactly tonight at 1:30 am EDT.  Usually planets within 2 degrees of an outer planet can be very significant particularly and for this transit it may have an impact  if you have key natal planets at 29 Pisces to 2 Aries in your natal chart.

This transit beckons us to release from our daily routine and do something different and could inspire us to act in a fresh way which is different from our habits.   Hence it can bring freshness and liveliness into our life if we go with the flow and get creative and inventive.

If you stay stuck in your routine or unable to adapt to surprises in your life, you may suffer from lack of flexibility. Fixed signs like Taurus/Leo/Scorpio and Aquarius rising may feel this burden more.   Enjoy the wonder of surprises happening.  We tend to get caught up in feeling “this should not have happened” but adopt a new attitude and see the wonder and adventure in new experiences.

Uranus is rebellious and this transit may incite rash decisions or actions  so use good judgement if you break out of the box. If you feel jittery, nervous or excited, avoid rash and impulsive actions that might cause accidents. Mars is also a bit weak today still on the edge of the sign.

Sun governs leadership and this transit could trigger rash and impulsive decisions by bosses or government leaders so be patient.  The impact of this transit should be over by Saturday so it is quick.

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