As an astrologer, I am fascinated by dissecting karma and helping people understand it and its manifestation and when it will run its course.

Karmas connected to the 3rd house teach us to find the courage and perseverance to plow through problems and are most easy to handle.

Some karmas connected to the 6th house are teaching us through hard work and service and taking care of our health and being conscious, we can make changes to improve our health and our difficult relationships at work and with “enemies.”

Karmas connected to the 8th house are much more mysterious and often come out of left field and surprise us in order to help us transform our lives.  Sometimes they create tragedies and acute illnesses in order to wake us up to psychological and emotional issues that we are not looking at.

Karmas related to the 12th house are often the deepest and teach us through service and sacrifice and seva for mankind, we can gain liberation or moksha and be free of the wheel of karma.  I am often fond of saying that which imprisons you (12th house is prison, hospitals or ashrams), enlightens you. If you can get through your 12th house karma, you may have a chance for real moksha.

For those of you that know astrology, more often the karma is very difficult to dissect and you get combinations of associations between the 6, 8th and 12th houses.  The entire chart is in fact a map of your karma.

I also find that the planets create emotional and psychological interference in our lives at times to block us from moving forward and that is the kind of karma that an astrologer can help most with by shining the light on these hidden and unconscious patterns and shadow plays.  I have written about these in my article on Bhadaka  (See:

But there are other types of shadows that impact our emotion and psychology through the relationship of the shadows of the moon and its relationship to the sun that we can see in the Nityayogas and the impact of their shadows on our houses which create Dagda rashis and this will take a whole article and will be a lesson in one of my upcoming courses.   The light of Jyotish can help clear these shadows and reveal how your mind sabotages you at times.

There are more complicated types of karma that can be seen in charts such as ancestral karma and the influence of your parents and your ancestors.  Often we have inherited family traumas from generations ago that impact and create problems that do not even seem like they have anything to do with us and these can include addictive behaviors, traumas and phobias, depression. anxiety. chronic pain,  phobias. obsessive thoughts. Some of this can be diagnosed in the D-40 and D-45 charts which help us understand family lineage.   The work of Mark Woylnn and the Hellinger Foundation and can be helpful with this material. (See : It Didn’t Start with You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle by Mark Woylnn) 




At some point I need to write a book, but for now I am teaching some this material in my upcoming class:  Spiritual Astrology and the Schools of Karma.    See  and in another course scheduled for next January.

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The ancients tell us about three major types of karma:

Prarabdha means “begun”—the action that is already manifesting. Prarabdha is the Karma that is yielding its effect right now.  If you have missed the exit off the freeway, you have to keep going until the next exit. It has already sprouted.

Sanchita Karma is the “gathered” or “piled up” Karma—what we have brought with us from previous lifetimes.

Agami Karma is the Karma that has not yet come: one that will take effect in the future.  Through service, charity and conscious awareness and meditation, we can sometimes roast the seeds of karma that have not yet spouted.

My spiritual teacher and the Bhagavat Gita remind us that the nature of karma is unfathomable and that the best we can do is do regular sadhana, service, good deeds, give money to charity to nullify the bad influences of past karma.  Devotion to a Sat Guru can often lead to the lifting of difficult karma through prayer.

Still if you have a strong intellect and are Gemini or Virgo rising or Libra or Capricorn rising where Gemini and Virgo own the 9th house, I think that intellectual understanding and awareness can shine enough light on our patterns to help us move through some of them and I think that is the value of astrology to raise the small mind stuck in emotions and limited thinking to the cosmic mind connected to the Divine. That is the meaning of Jai Guru Dev!   Victory to the Big mind so that we are not stuck in the smallness of our changing thoughts and egos.

All gratitude to my Jyotish Gurus and spiritual Gurus for helping me on the path!


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