There are a few improvements this week with the Sun exalted in Aries and out of the danger dangerous degrees between Pisces 27-Aries 3 and Venus now direct and moving forward in exaltation.   Jupiter moved into a new constellation retrograde back into Hasta which is know by Western astronomers as Corvi and we republished about this yesterday.  Pisces and Libras and Scorpios  have the easiest transits while Aries and Leos  has a lot of planets impacting them and Aquarians and Capricorns and Virgos and Geminis are probably more complicated and anxious this week. Cancer rising is always dependent on the moon which is in Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn this week with the Capricorn transits April 19-21 being the best given it support to its own sign of Cancer.

The challenges this week involve Rahu aspecting the Sun and Mercury  in Aries and Mars throwing a sneaky 8th house aspect to Saturn from Taurus to Sagittarius and then Mars squaring transiting Rahu exactly into Sunday, April 23rd.  We also have the continuing square of relatively stationary Saturn onto Venus between Pisces and Sagittarius.  Pluto is also very powerful in the sky on Thursday, April 20th.   We will handle these one at a time.

SUN IN ARIES : Aspected by Rahu exactly April 21st and within 3 degrees April 18-24th:

Rahu is the only planet afflicting the Sun in this transit exactly into April 21st and having an influence April 18th-April 24th.  This part of the transit can bring out being too irritable, bossy, authoritative and dogmatic and acting too rashly and getting exhausted and can increase overheating.  If you are a fire sign and have a lot fire energy, stay calm with coconut water and raw foods and avoid spicy foods.

Still most of the transit until May 14 is in good shape with increasing leadership, courage, ambition, sharp thinking, achievement, joy, strong fathering and innovation.  Leos, Scorpios, Sagittarius and Cancer rising and moon signs probably do best with the transit while Taurus rising and Libras and Virgo rising and moon signs will have more problems with it.  Still the Sun represents the Divine and Easter Sunday this year with the exalted Sun on Sunday will be packed with Divine power and grace from this transit. Still I think the Sun in Aries will pick a lot of self-starting energy and so a good time to do projects and get a lot done.

Mars 8th house Aspect to Saturn: Exact April 18th. Impacting critically til April 22nd:

The bright side of this aspect is that Saturn is only afflicted and not both Mars and Saturn so that means if you are Capricorn or Aquarius or Sagittarius or Gemini  rising or if Saturn is the planet with the highest number of degrees in your chart (Atmakaraka), you may feel agitated, wanting to do things too quickly, be intense, feel alone and isolated and exhausted and possibly a bit depressed.  If you have the above rising signs, you may feel blocked in getting things done and moving forward, feel inadequate or discouraged or get negative reinforcement from bosses or co-workers and this may bring up intense fear and self-doubt.   Remember this is all the play of the planets and feel confident in who you are and what your abilities are. This is a time to do positive self-talk and not buy into beating yourself up.

North Node (Rahu) Trine Mercury:  Peaking Tuesday/Wednesday April 18-19th; impacting until April 24th.

On the positive side this relationship supports intuitive energies and foreign business and heightens intellectual thinking but it can create obsessive thinking and lead to unethical business practices so be careful in making the right decisions at work this week.  It can lead to problems with technology, communications, and with health and computer viruses so be vigilant with your technological equipment this week especially on Wednesday, ruled by Mercury.  If you are Gemini or Virgo rising or  Mercury is the planet with the highest number of degrees in your chart (Atmakaraka) or you are running a Mercury period or are Aries or Leo Rising, you will feel the impact of this transit.

MARS SQUARE RAHU:   Full impact on Sunday April 23rd but very strong on Tuesday, April 25th.

Leos will be impacted most by this aspect with Rahu at about 7 degrees Leo and get afflicted by Mars. This will bring out strong energy to move forward with martian energy for worldly accomplishment particularly by Leos. It could support terrorism or violence depending on house placement and planets impacting in natal chart areas and tends to increase anger.  Cool things down with coconut water and avoid spicy foods and exercise that is too intense to keep the fire element under control particularly if you are Leo rising or have a lot of planets between 0-10 degrees Leo.

End of Part 1

We will write more about Pluto Stationary/Retrograde and Saturn square Venus and w have written about these previously.



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