Mars hits the final part of his 2 year journey toward the exact point of debilitation which peaks into August 22nd when it hits 27 degrees Cancer.   Mars governs the adrenals and is at a low energy point and is very tired.  As a soldier, Mars is used to dealing with long hours and fighting fatigue and is able to move forward and be heroic. Now, however, everything takes 3 times as long.  Tempers flare up easily over the slightest irritability.   Sometimes, there is no fight left and Mars just has to withdraw into his cave and recharge.  This is a good thing.

Mars governs alertness and the 3rd eye as the warrior has to be in awake to see the enemy approach.  So find away to stay focuses to prevent accidents and mishaps. The warrior pose in yoga helps focus the 3rd eye.

On one level the weak Mars may have a softer ego capable of surrendering and this can be a good thing if it leads to less fighting and conflict. Even Mars needs to let go of his fight.  Still at his worst, military emotions, lack of motivation, unreliability, friction, disinterest in family life are more likely to come up. Problems with electricity, autos, blood stagnation, small cuts and infectious diseases are likely to happen.

Obvious the next 2-3 weeks, you have to slow down, get more rest, take naps, do your meditation and accept that you cannot burn the midnight oil without consequences. Still the warrior will battle it out because his ego is not willing to let go and surrender but for a few weeks a year, its ok.   Take a meditation retreat and recharge.  Aries and Scorpio rising are most affected by this transit. Do the frog pose to recharge the adrenals and stay hydrated.  As Mars moves into the Cancer gandanta (Cancer 27-30), he has to learn to give up the fight and find spirituality.  The toxic poisons of Ashlesha (Hyrdra, Cancer 16.40-29.59) are accumulated at end creating a tangled knot of regrets and anger from the past that have to be let go of or they will explode.  What happened before is not the present, so you can make new choices now and not beat yourself up.  As he moves into the Leo gandanta (Leo 0-3 degrees) there is new energy to pursue material ambitions and conquer with new leadership and power. (August 27-Sept. 1st)

The new enemy on the horizon is Rahu.   Mars moves toward conjunction with Rahu into August 26-27th and is impacted within 3 degrees August 23-Sept. 1st.  Rahu also governs poisons and toxicity so allergies can flare up if you eat the wrong thing or do not purify the system with lots of water, aloe vera juice and coconut water to stay cool.  Feverishness can lead to afflictions with one becoming easy to anger and getting vindictive.  When Mars gets into Leo on August 27, that could be a huge release of abundant mental and physical energy so be careful not to flay too much or you could run ragged quickly.  Still it can empower Mars now to get a lot done and achieve his goals but not without a cost.

The problem with Mars/Rahu is that it can lead to violence and aggression and if there is a context for more riots, we could easily see it happen and the recent mess in Virginia is an example of what happens when Mars unleashes anger.   Rahu governs rebellion and revolution so that energy will be up and lets hope that the full solar eclipse does not upset the US and cause massive rioting between the liberals and conservatives.

So stay rested.  Drive carefully.   Surrender your ego but fight for just causes if they come up.  Stay cool and alert and you will get through the next two weeks so Mars can start a new journey forward.

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ASTRO-YOGA WEBINAR: Planets, Poses and Healing

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