The Moon is full in Gemini on New Year’s Day opposite Saturn and Venus and so there will be a sense of hang-over and a bit of fear in the morning when we get up. But  New Years Day parties will be filled with deep love and heart-felt expansion with the Venus/Moon connection.   The morning may provide an opportunity to evaluate your life and New Years goals  but Venus will give new optimism by the end of the day as there is new joy in those College Bowl games

Uranus, the planet of surprises, revolution and great ideas goes stationary/direct on Tuesday, Jan. 2nd in Aries.  It can have an impact a few days before and after.   We have written about Uranus in Aries this year but it could lead to earthquake activity, military action or just huge surprises in the news.  Watch problem countries like Venezuela in the news   Uranus challenges us to break away from the old and start something new so it is a perfect station for the New Year and New Year resolutions and starting new movement toward more freedom in your life. It will impact Aries and Libra rising most if you have early degrees and planets there   but it will also impact  people in the early degrees of movable signs like Cancer and Capricorn  and particularly if you have planets in the first few degrees of Aries or Libra. It can bring sparks of inventive genius so if you are a techie, good time to create new machines and programs.

Mars is moving toward a conjunction with Jupiter into January 6th and moves into Jupiter’s nakshatra of Vishakha on Jan. 1st and this combination will create a great sense of courage and adventure and risk/taking in life and be particularly good for Aries and Scorpio rising as good luck and Divine grace will descend.   Jupiter is actually afflicted by Mars so watch Jan. 5-8th in terms of being cautious about new investments or adverse risk/taking and speculation. Bit-Coin will continue its wild rise.

The Kala Sarpa yoga is back by January 5th-13th when the moon crosses Rahu and moves into Leo so high intensity will be back and we have written about this each month.   Venus will finally end the Kala Sarpa yoga cycles for a number of month when she moves toward conjunction with Ketu on Jan. 29th and this is always a deeply emotional time for women filled with anger and upsets and erupting anger so we will have to write more about this.  We have noted that the Kala Sarpa Yoga tends to bring up too much male energy and gets the female energy out of balance.  You can get a lot done and be active with this energy but the cost can be at blowing others out with rage and too much power.  Take time for quieting feminine and cooling energy like meditation and yoga  and lots of quiet time to balance it out.

Venus is combust (not visible because of closeness to the Sun) and the exact conjunction is into Jan. 8th but will stay not visible until Feb. 19th.   This combination can bring up jealousy, artistic verve and general irritability for women so you will have to stay on top of your meditation.  Relationships seem often challenged by this conjunction.  This energy can also create deep spiritual energy for Taurus and Libra rising so spend more time with your spiritual practices and Venus this transit will reward you. 

Mars enters its own sign of Scorpio on January 16th and will be home bringing new energy and transformational movement for the New Year especially for Scorpios and Aries rising.  Mars usually spends 6 weeks in a sign and this will allow a deep re-energizing to happen for the New Year.   This transit is unafflicted  except by Rahu when Mars moves toward the end of the sign during the first few weeks of Feb. so it will be a key time for Aries and Scorpio rising to get a lot done before Mars moves into Sagittarius and moves toward Saturn into April 4th and frustration and delays will arise.  Use the last few weeks of January for deep transformation.

The month ends on January 31st with a total Lunar Eclipse. Here are the details from our 2018 Vedic Astrological Almanac and Transit Guide:


10:51 GMT  to 16:08 GMT

 Visible in Northwestern South America, Western USA, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Eastern Africa, Eastern Europe.

 This is probably the most significant eclipse of the year as it is total and widely visible. It is said to have an impact within 20 days  of where it is seen.

It is thought that when Venus aspects an eclipse, then the standing crops are destroyed and the commerce becomes bullish. Towns impacted by eclipses may face difficult times and inflationary trends. With this eclipse hitting South American where wheat and corn and beans are grown, there could be an impact.

Still it is said that eclipses happening during the month of Magha (starting Jan 21st)  bring timely rains. Traders are know to hoard commodities and be buying a great deal and food grain prices expand.  The eclipse is on a Wednesday and is thought to support the rise in cotton, copper, gold, wheat up to two months fat the eclipse.

It would seem that that Australia and Northwestern South America are most likely to be impacted and Venezuela is a mess about to explode anyways.   If you have planets within 3 degrees of 18 degrees Cancer, are Cancer rising or Capricorn rising or are in a Moon/Rahu or Rahu/Moon period, it will have the most impact on your life.

The Moon is very close to the north node, Rahu, showing a total eclipse, which involves Mercury and Venus, while the Sun in Capricorn transits alongside the south node, Ketu.

Lunar eclipses show an immediate trigger, more obviously observable in those experiencing a cycle of the nodes, or with planets close to the eclipse degree. So the impact is often over the next two weeks into Feb. 15th at the solar eclipse.

The Moon is eclipsed in the lunar sign Ashlesha which is represented by a serpent  and is connected with poisons and toxins.  Have to expect some major toxic spills or pollution events happening.

Emotionally, this is an intense eclipse and we never recommend watching them particularly if your Cancer rising so good time to be deep in meditation.

So have a great New Year and take advantage of our new book published on Jan. 2nd.

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