Mars gets out of the difficult constellation of Swati on Jan. 1st and moves into a constellation owned by Jupiter, a dear friend and moves toward conjunction with Jupiter into Jan. 6th.  This is a favorable transit as it can promote enterprising, sexual magnetism, mathematical talent, courage, adventurism. It brings dynamism, enthusiasm,  support with finance and joy in athletic competition. On the dark side Mars still may have trouble with the sensual side of Libra here and can get out of balance if he does not stay disciplined.  Aries and Scorpio rising will benefit most from this transit with good luck and Divine grace and connect to religious figures or Gurus.  Libra will also notice it prominently but it may impact relationships in a negative way.

Mars does lose a planetary war to Jupiter Jan. 5-8th and this could bring problems for Aries and Scorpio rising  with financial penalties or improper management of funds. So be careful with risk-taking during the planetary war.

Vishakha (20.00 Libra-3.20 Scorpio) is ruled by Agni and Indra and is a constellation of four stars forming the left half of the scales of Libra.  It is connected to the deities of Agni and Indra .  Agni has the ability to do herculean talks to achieve its goals with great fiery energy and courage. Indra provides leadership but may create danger for those around one but may act cowardly at the first sign of danger.  People born with this constellation are often seeking a bit of power and status and position.

Prash Trivedi notes that the English  word ‘fixation’ can best describe the essence of Vishakha which is marked by concentration and single mindedness, although it can be affected by the nature of the goal it pursues. With the frequency of unwholesome goals, it is a concern for handling vices and people born in this constellation call easily fall  e prey to alcohol, drugs and sex.  In essence, the Mars/Venus combination can bring in Vishakha natives have an urge to go to  the local bar and to engage in the sensual and material energies of life.  There may be  a great love parties but this may lead to a sense of emptiness in their lives which ideally should lead to searching for deeper spiritual meaning.

Vishaka is connected to outcasts and outsiders and hence they do not follow traditional religious norms and so the transit here might foster more rebellious activities at worse or deep creativity and innovation at  its best.

Mars goes into Scorpio Jan. 16th-March 6th and will be unafflicted except by Rahu from Feb. 14-28th but still this transit will be a good time for deep transformation and energy and will particularly support Scorpio rising.


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