We are completing editing of our 2018 Vedic Astrological Almanac and Transit Guide  which is over 180 pages and will publish within a few days. Here are a few highlights of the year:


The impact is particularly strong March 27- April 7th when Mars moves within 3 degrees of Saturn’s energy. During these two weeks it is as if we are getting closer to the flame of fire; when you are in the same room of the fire, it is more intense compared to being downstairs.

The tendency is for anger and frustration to bubble up and you may snap at people. Resentment may flow through the mind. Delays, obstacles and indecision may bubble up in the volcanic cauldron of Sagittarius. Jupiter’s energy soothes it a little and if you channel the energy into humanitarian service it can become a positive.


Mars will first approach Ketu in early June in Capricorn. On the highest level, in the sign of Aquarius, Mars/Ketu conjunction encourages us to express our highest ideals for humanity and when they are frustrated or blocked, it can lead to anger and violence.

Overall, this conjunction is very difficult for the planet and is a signature for violence and terrorism. It is thought that when Mars is retrograde/exalted that it acts like a debilitated planet and would have an impact more subjectively in terms of seething anger.

The race riots in St. Louis a few years back and in September in Milwaukee were recent examples of the Mars/Ketu aspects. 9/11 also happened during a Mars/Ketu conjunction in Sagittarius.


  • June 9th: Mars/Ketu exact conjunction as Mars moves over the Southern eclipse point
  • July 23rd: Mars Retrogrades back into alignment with the South node
  • September 26th: Mars moves forward over the South node.


 Venus moves into Libra on September 2nd and will remain there 4 months providing peace and a breather from the Mars/Ketu tensions.

This placement is a life saver and brings all kinds of wonderful energies including elegance, being well-respected, artistic creativity, balance in thought and deep, good intuition, passion, enthusiasm, comfort, luxury and humanitarian enterprises.

Of course Libra rising will feel this most as it is a Malavya Yoga but Capricorns and Aquarians will benefit greatly from it as well as Geminis and Virgos.


Countries on the horizon this upcoming year for particular challenges include Australia, Israel, and Turkey. Israel of course with the new Jerusalem capital.  Turkey has been a mess for years and its societal structure is breaking down.   Australia has had a huge housing bubble crunch that is likely to end. New leadership there is turning against Islam too.  Venezuela will be hit by the total lunar eclipse on January 31st and the country has been in crisis already.  The US has a strong chart for war this year centering into April but if it happens it will be very frustrating.

European nations like Germany will continue to be challenged by foreign immigration this year with so many Cancer rising charts and Rahu transiting their 1st house.

When Rahu moves into Gemini in March 2019, we wonder if more European nations will follow Austria and Hungary in recent leads and move toward anti-Islamic politicians and legislation. We have to think that Europe is in great danger if they do not stem this tide.

China is a Capricorn rising country and the 12th house transit of Saturn should be difficult over the coming 2 years. There is a financial house of cards there more than other countries in the world and by February 2019 and much of the rest of the year, when Saturn goes through the last 10 degrees of Sagittarius, there should be a more serious fall.  Still China will emerge on top of the world as Saturn moves into Capricorn in 2020 and the world leaders seem to be planning it that way.

This is just a brief sample.  Enjoy a detailed look at the whole year.


So have a great New Year and take advantage of our new book published on Jan. 2nd.

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