Kala Sarpa/Amrita yoga is  when Rahu and Ketu contain all the planets between them inclusively in the zodiac but a single planet going out of the axis, negates it.   The 5th round of Kala Sarpa started Jan 4th and goes into Jan. 18th.  So  when ever the moon is between Cancer and Capricorn all the planets are hemmed in between Rahu in Cancer  and Ketu in Capricorn.   The yoga is broken when the moon goes into Aquarius and until it gets to Rahu in Cancer every two weeks.

Prash Trivedi thinks there  is a messy imbalance of solar and lunar energies that create either aggressiveness or passivity.  Given this week’s energy this occurrence seemed rather aggressive and intense and people I know with this configuration tend to be aggressive.

The key is to cool down the solar energies with meditation, yoga and breath work and to slow down as there is a lot of energy to get a lot done and it can happen but it will leave you foaming at the mouth and probably screaming at someone.   Find ways to calm down or expect that you may burn others out.


The Rahu /Ketu emphasis from Cancer/Capricorn will also favor rises in mundane matters and will great affect the political scene. The natural 4th house of Cancer where home and security are tested vs. the need to get out in the world and gain status and work hard in Capricorn will be a huge focal point for everyone and with the natural disasters now with the new California mudslides, so many are being impacted around housing and feeling secure and safe. Continue to open your pocket-books to help those impacted.

The bright side of this yoga is discussed by my friend,  Juliana Swanson of Astral-Harmony when she writes about it:

“This combination can tend to remind us of what is missing in our lives, that which is needed to find more harmony and balance. This dynamic can have an all or nothing flavor to it. Key words are “intense, sensitive, extreme, fixated or obsessive.”

Again, donate and help people in need, do your spiritual practices and turn to spirituality during this time.  This yoga can be a wake-up call that all the material success or frustration cannot satisfy the intense longing for the Divine and it could propel you deeper in your search and ultimately is a good thing.   For consultations on the impact of this on your chart, sign up on the request form at 

(Special thanks to Komilla Sutton and B V Raman and Juliana Swanson  for their discourses on this subject.)

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