Mars moves is in a difficult part of the zodiac this week  in the Cancer section of Sagittarius (Pada 4/Mula) where it is in a 6/8 relationship in the D9 chart (Navamsha) where it brings up fatigue and difficult karmic grunge and conscious merky psychological patterns from the past to fill us with regret and anxiety and bubbling anger.   That will be over by Easter but then we get  even more fun.

It is moving toward a planetary war with Saturn April 1-4th where it is losing the war where anger and frustration and hasty running around can cause problems.

Saturn is weakened by the conjunction  and more anxious and Mars can be more reckless.   I am ruled by Mars and have  already dropped a glass and cut my finger and when I am tired in the morning and running out around too much I sometimes stumble.   So between now and at least April 11 when Mars gets 5 degrees away from Saturn, you have to be more careful and alert to avoid anger, injuries, accidents and fires.

It reminds me of my favorite police drama from the early 80’s, Hill Street Blues where the morning sergeant always ends the meetings with “You all be safe out there, ya hear.”   So slow down and do not be reckless the next few weeks to prevent accidents.  Watch Saturdays and Tuesdays, ruled by Mars and Saturn most and if you are running a Mars or Saturn period or sub-period or have a Mars/Saturn association  in your chart or if you are  Sagittarius or Cancer rising, it may impact you most if you are  Capricorn, Aquarius and Scorpios and Virgo and Pisces.

The tendency is for anger and frustration to bubble up and you may snap at people. Resentment may flow through the mind. Delays and obstacles and indecision may bubble up. You will probably see more accidents and fires and terrorism in the news.  Sagittarius is a seat of religious fundamentalism and the energy focused there will bubble up. The 1776 US natal chart also has Mars at 0-1 degree Gemini so we can expect some major event to impact the US this weekend and will spillover in the news.  The media, connected to Gemini and communications will probably go into warp drive this next few weekends with it all happening.

Stay on top of your meditation and yoga and spiritual practices to stay even and grounded. Go easier and slower and be more patient and aware to avoid accidents and angry flare-ups. Give  people the benefit of mistakes that happen and be forgiving rather than fly off the handle. This is a 2-week period to practice mindfulness and observe what is happening in the mind and body and to stay balanced and not over-react. Find away to laugh at situations and practice patience. If you do not stay on top of sleep, if you indulge in bad habits that are not good for you, if you are not mindful, it may seem rough and frustrating.

The Yoga poses like the Warrior pose can focus energy into the 3rd eye and keep you alert and the chair pose can ground you and keep you alert.So be carefully out there, slow down, watch the anger and find away to channel the energy positively into exercise, positive action and service.

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