So Mars is debilitated in the D-9 chart in Ketu’s constellation of Mula this week and moving toward conjunction with Saturn into April 2nd  and the Sun is transiting through Uttarabhadrapada Nakshatra (Pisces 3.20-16.40) which is owned by Saturn until March 31st and that means the two fire planets are being hit by the cold energy of Saturn and the fire is being dampened to move forward.  Digestion might be sluggish if you are prone to low Agni or fire power in the stomach. Energy is low and drive and ambition are a bit dampened or you might find yourself flaying and being too crazy with activity when you do something and it is exhausting.

You may need more walking and exercise to get your fire power going but at the same time you may be too tired to do anything. There is a need for rest and if you start doing things you may be too rushed and get exhausted or the energy gets a bit dissipated and wild.  The complex combination of Mars/Ketu/Saturn is a lot to manage.

With the Mars/Ketu energy connection through the nakshatra you have to avoid repressing anger or it could explode into an accident or fire so make sure to focus and not divide your mind.  Release anger by screaming alone in the car or house to avoid impacting others or make it to the gym despite your fatigue.  Weak Mars is a bit tired but if it starts to get too  active, it can be a bit out of balance.

If digestion is weak, stimulate it with Fennel seed or Cardamon. At the same time if heat is up because of the Saturn affliction, you may have to cool the body down with coconut water.

Sun in Saturn’s constellation may create conflicts with supervisor or your father or employees so remember that this is not a good week for an angry confrontation about that raise you deserve.

So odd time through Saturday where the fire element is out of balance and this may be preventing you from getting moving in your life this week. Maybe there is a need to just rest more as we integrate the beginning of spring which is taking its time to manifest this year. Do not skip your yoga or meditation when the planets are weak even though you may feel more lazy about doing them. Discipline!

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