Rahu, the planet of ambition and desire will be trining the Sun exactly on April 2nd in the true node system and have an influence into April 6th within 3 degrees.  Rahu/Sun aspects create political ambitions and tempers and sometimes, as the case with an eclipse, they can create sudden downfalls in rulers.  The aspects is happening between Pisces and Cancer so it will impact you most if you have planets around 15-20 degrees in those signs.

Mars is moving toward conjunction with Saturn into April 2nd and this can lead to bubbling anger and frustration for Mars that is always in a hurry to get things done and Saturn wants it done slowly and carefully. Mars is losing a planetary war with Saturn between April 1-4th and do if Aries and Scorpio and Sag. rising signs get too reckless with running around, they may have angry outbursts and they have to stay focused. The positive side is that with the right focus, you might get a lot done also if you can stay away from being too scattered.  Still Mars can have volcanic eruptions with this conjunction and they would be happening the same time that the Sun is also getting more intense energy so you will have to stay on top of anger over the next week.

Ketu, another fiery planet, is connected with Saturn in Capricorn and also in slow simmer mode that can explode.  With all of these anger planets up, one has to be cautious. You should see terrorism and violence and fires in the news over the next week and it could be due to fundamentalism because of the Mars/Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius.

I find that this aspect can lead to angry flare ups so no fighting with your partner so pull over if this develops while driving in the car.  Like all anger, do not let it bottle up but find a constructive way to let it out with exercise or dance or just screaming when you are alone in car.  It is a problem when it is unexpressed.

Look at children. They let it out, get angry for 5 minutes and then go back to normal.  We can do this also.  Let it out and come back to center. Of course, meditation, yoga and exercise will be essential the next week but find a way to calm it down before it explodes. Lets hope the terrorists and hot-headed politicians can keep it cool and unfortunately this may not be the case.   Reread our articles on Saturn/Mars  published earlier.     People running Sun/ Rahu/   Rahu/ Sun or Mars/Saturn or Saturn Mars or are Cancer, Sagittarius, Pisces, Aries or Scorpio may feel the energy more intensely.

We are taking a meditation retreat this weekend and will take a rest from our column until Sunday. Have a great holiday!

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