The Sun moves into Gemini today and today when it is changing signs it is considered weak and lacks energy and confidence and can create some mild depression. This is not an easy transit as it will be opposed by Saturn into June 27th but more of this will be felt between June 24-30th. The trine from Jupiter which is exact into July 8th will counteract Saturn a bit and be felt more in the first week of July.

In general, when the Sun goes into Gemini June 15th where the Shakti of the sign should bring out creativity particularly for writing and computer programming, but you have to make sure not to stay idle. Still the Sun is afflicted in transit because of the Saturn opposition from Sagittarius. When the Sun is afflicted in Gemini, it is scattered, shifty, not good at finishing things, not dependable, shy and not up-front, nervous and picky and hard to pin things down.   The worst of that energy will be over by late June and July will be better with increased short-term memory, charm, versatility, desire for learning and attracted to reading and lectures.   Gemini is connected to the natural 3rd house which is connected to sexual activity and so transits in Gemini increase this energy.

The first part of the constellation until June 20th in the constellation of  Orion, the warrior of the winter sky is know as  Mrigishira in the Vedic system. The constellation is very spiritual and promotes moksha and spiritual liberation and inspires people to study religion and philosophy and to begin spiritual search The Shakti of Mrigishira is the “power to give fulfillment” so a good time to rub your genie’s lamp and ask for a boon.  Sun is very strong in this constellation and will be prone to intellectual and spiritual exploration particularly when Sun goes into Gemini on June 15th but there is also a sense of comfort here.  .

As Prash Trivedi notes, life is always a coexistence of opposites as the deer symbol brings out the timid, light and fragile wandering qualities of this constellation embody the greatest spiritual warrior heroes of the Ramayana and Gita, Hanuman and Arjuna, in the constellation’s deep quest for liberation and getting to the truth of the matter. If your Sun, Moon or rising sign is in this constellation, it gives you a deep yearning for something greater in your life. The deity of the constellation is Soma, connected to the Moon and the life and vital subtle forces that are created to manifest the physiological components of enlightenment.

The Sun has the most difficulty in the constellation of Ardra (Gemini 6.40-20) June 22 – July 6th as it is channeling Rahu’s energy and this constellation can bring storms and deep suffering and tear-drops in the quest to shed old pattern. Use this transit for transformation. The opposition from Saturn into June 27th will force the issue and create tensions between bosses, workers and between self and outside authority. Not a time to fight city hall or go over the limit in a speed trap zone.

The best part of transit is a wave of relief as the Sun gets more connected to Jupiter first with a trinal aspect on July 5th bringing optimism and expansive energy and confidence. Then on July 6 – July 20th, the Sun is channeling Jupiter’s energy  in the constellation of Purnavasu (Gemini 20-Cancer 3.20), where Jupiter  is happy in the sign of Libra but connected to Rahu because Jupiter will move into Swati nakshatra on June 17th.

Leo rising will most feel this transit but in Gemini it is an 11th house transit and will bring gains after hard work and conflict with authorities.  Geminis and Virgos are feeling the tension today with the Mercury/Saturn opposition creating deep thinking at best but may slow communications and travel and lead to being misunderstood so make sure you are clear and precise in communication.

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