There are a lot of changes in the sky happening as we move into August with Venus now in Virgo, Jupiter moving into a new constellation on August 3rd and still some of our old friends causing trouble with Mars and Ketu very closely together and opposing Mercury and the Sun in Cancer and the Sun moves into the difficult constellation of Ashlesha on August 3-16th adding more complexity as we move toward the Solar Eclipse into August 11th.

Planets channel each other’s energies through the signs and constellations that they transit and so the complex web of new relationships needs to be understood to maneuver through the world in August. We have written about some of his already.

Venus in Virgo until Sept 1st now will force us to be patient and less critical in relationship or lose our cool and explode.  We will be forced to avoid sexual and sensory indulgence or pay the price of getting sick and tired.  Virgo is the natural 6th sign of the zodiac so it becomes connected to addictions and vices and it requires discipline with these so that we do not create challenges for ourselves.  This is particularly a difficult time for Libra rising and we must rise to the challenge and find time for artistic expression and beauty and nurturing and healing others (the higher quality of Virgo) or fall prey to emotional frustration that will lead to over-eating or sexual obsession.

Venus is now connected to Mercury because it is in Virgo this month and that means it channeling Mercury’s retrograde energy until August 18th and the difficult energy from the constellation of Ashlesha where we have to hold our sharp tongue or we will injure people with our words.  At this same time we have to watch out for deceptive people and grow beyond our old patterns.  Ashlesha is connected to snakes and the nagas that offer powerful transformational energies if we channel our energy higher spiritually up the kundalini spine but if not we can fall to sexual indulgence.  The key with this  constellation, where the Sun is now moving into (August 3-16/ Cancer 16.40-29.59) is to transform our old patterns and shed our skin, like the snake does for renewal in order to get out of the grip of our old painful ways.  With both the Sun and Mercury in this constellation now from August 3-16th and Mercury not free from it until after Sept. 3rd, we have  a lot of deep lessons about speaking kindly of others rather than insulting them or flying off the cuff.

Venus in Virgo connected to Mercury should force us to get rid of toxic relationships in our life and those that poisonous so use this transit to clean house from those that do not support or nurture you. Retrograde Saturn aspecting Venus into August 9th and retrograde Mercury owning the sign transited by Venus will force old people from the past to come up in your life and make sure they are life-supporting friends and do not allow toxic people to pollute your life now.

Rahu continues in the constellation of Pushya (Cancer 3.20-16.40) ruled by Saturn and connected to the deity Brihaspati.   On the bright side Rahu’s dark energies are lifted up a bit by the priest of the gods and Jupiter’s high energies but retrograde Saturn is getting pulled down with polluted Rahu there and impacting Saturn. Saturn in Mula nakshatras has to focus on cleaning up the past and pursuing spiritual initiation to overcome Rahu’s polluting energies and Saturn is retrograde until Sept. 6th making the slow arduous journey in August filled with impatience and frustration.

The Mars/Ketu and opposition energy to Mercury is getting a bit better as their orbit of influence is the farthest part in weeks as Mercury is at 29 degrees and Mars is around 8-9 degrees but there is tension for disputes and confrontations and Venus’s diplomacy is not present because of her weakness in Virgo to help matters out very much so extra patience and tact is need. Avoid Mars’s tendency to want to fight and be right to support its ego. If feelings are disturbed and we hurt the fine feeling level of another, then we are causing deep harm with our words and Mercury in Ashlesha wants to be a biting snake with its poisonous tongue.  Hold your tongue for 15 seconds before you blurt out words you regret and decide whether it is worth it.

We have written about Jupiter moving into a new constellation for the month of August and it will bring new challenges to tame our ambitions and over-extending ourselves and at the time curbing our sensual indulgences and excesses.  The constellation of Vishakha (Libra 20-Scorpio 3) will challenge us to watch our spending and over-eating and partying which may be a response to all the emotional pain in our heart from Rahu and Mercury in Cancer, the seat of our hear and our emotional well-being.

The final solar eclipse on August 11th in Leo will stir up more problem with emotional security and treachery causing distress.  Be patient with new ventures until all of this energy settles down.

Bottomline: This is not a great month to start new things. Wait for Mars to go direct on August 27th to move forward again and Saturn to go direct on Sept. 6th to get rid of some hinderances.  Wait for Venus to get out of Virgo into Sept. 1s and need to get Mercury out of the constellation of Ashlesha on Sept. 3rd and out of retrograde on August 18th.  You can plow through stuff with Martian tenacity but stay rested and watch your stress and frustration level so as not to fall victim to indulgences.

There is  a huge complex web this month. Maneuver through its maze with tact and discipline and patience and you will triumph.

Special thanks to Imrana Malik for her  insights that inspired to rethink the complex web of planetary relationships this month.  All glory to my Jyotish Gurus and special thanks to Komilla Sutton and our beloved and departed Bill Levacy for all their inspiring teaching over the years.

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