Everyone loves the 9th house as it takes us on spiritual pilgrimages, sends us to a  beloved religious institution,  increases our understanding of philosophy, broadens our perspective of the Divine in search of something bigger in our life and for deeper meaning and toward higher education.   From the tragic 8th house where unexpected accidents, divorces and acute illness have shaken our existence,  we turn to the 9th house for answers to why we are suffering and find comfort here. Sometimes that takes the form of a foreign trip to India or the Mayan ruins in search of deeper meaning.  Only after going through difficult 8th house transits where we encounter the monsters in our subconscious basement and have our identities questioned about who we really are do we then seek deeper answers.

Sometimes it sends us to a spiritual bookstore in search of that one book that will give us that magic moment. I am reminded of the Argentine author, Borges, and his short story The Aleph, or his other story the Library of Babel where a  man travels to a mystical library to find the one book that will reveal the secrets of the universe and he spends years searching and one day in exhaustion, he falls and a book falls off the shelf and opens to a page and reveals the mystical first letter of the Aleph, the first sound of creation which contains the entirety of universe in it and he plunges into a mystical experience.  This is what the 9th house is about–our deep search for making meaning out of our suffering and that is why many of us turn astrology, an 8th house activity—but the answer are often in the 9th house.

The 9th house is a house of past life good luck.  It is a place of inherited past like good luck past on from our father’s lineage  and it is the good luck of spiritual knowledge and not just a place of unexpected money from the lottery which comes in the 8th house.   If you have your moon or rising sign lord in the 9th house, it can give free-spirited, adventurous spirit and a joie d’vivre, in love with travel to exotic places and unable to shed your spirit of wanderlust.  I used to do a lot of foreign travel when I was running my 9th house Dasha of the moon and I would meet similar people who always had another country to visit as a way of broadening their horizons.

The 9th house sends us to traditional religious institutions in search of promise that something good will come out of our suffering.  After the near death experiences of the 9th house, we need to find a way to believe that God is there and taking care of us and to find hope and joy in something bigger and beyond.  These spiritual pilgrimages, philosophical ventures and spiritual retreats renew us and infuse us with renewal that these is something bigger in our life and that connecting to God, finding miracles can renew our existence and move us toward deeper love.

The 9th house is connected to  how we receive advice for our Guru or priest our father. Malefics here like Saturn, Mars and Sun do not allow good advice to be received so people make their own mistakes.  Jupiter is the natural karaka or signification for the 9th house and that is why there is so much joy here and love of spiritual teachers and why our time with time them rekindle our Being.  Put Saturn here with its rules and regulations and it snuffs out the natural joy of the 9th house. If afflicted and lacking dignity, this often makes one more religious than spiritual and hard work will lead to the accumulation of wealth.

There is a darker side to the 9th house and its corresponding sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius where religious fanaticism and perverted and dogmatic belief can twist the joy of this most cherished house.  We will explore that in Part 2 for the fixed signs of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius when 9th house energy can lead to spiritual by-pass, fanaticism and rigidity.

Still in the end, we cannot live without the 9th house without our connection to God and without our hope in miracles and in our mystical search.   There is much to ponder in our search meaning and if you search hard enough the Divine love will pour forth—maybe from that mystical church experience or the retreat or from that magical moment with your Guru or perhaps when exhausted that magical book will fall off the shelf and touch our heart in such a Divine way that we are finally moved out of our suffering into a magical moment of Divine ecstasy.  There is much Divine love in the 9th house—continue that search for it and you will be rewarded.

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