There is a hidden constellation in the zodiac called Abhijit (located at 6.40-11.13 Capricorn) which is considered one of the most auspicious stars and is the mysterious 28th nakshatras of the zodiac. In the Western astronomical traditions, it is know as Vega and the Mars  transits through there for 14 days Sept. 14-28th   It is in the final section of Uttara Shadha (Sag.26.40-Capricorn 10.00) and a bit into Shravana.

Komilla Sutton notes that Abhijit means victorious and conquering completely and is connected to Brahma, the creator and also to Vishnu the preserver. It is a star where the individual can write their own destiny.  One can preserve the old and create something new.  This constellation is very powerful and gives one spiritual drive and the ability to want to win regardless of circumstances.  It is ruled by the Sun and it supports leadership during its transit in the  constellation Sept. 14-28th .    With Mars channeling the Sun’s energy until the end of the month, power and leadership and confidence and ambition will be strong and great energy will be there to accomplish.  Some of this will start slowing down as Mars gets too close to Ketu and exactly into Sept. 22nd in the mean node system and Sept. 26th in the true node system.

In Muhurtha or (electional astrology) if you need to find a good time during a bad period, you use noon when the Sun is strongest.   It is considered that Abhijit  rules the noon time and it  take away all blemishes and  in this case Mars  is very powerful and in its victory constellation of Abhijit anyways. Aries and Scorpio rising will benefit most from this transit and Mars has been feeling the power of Capricorn so far. Rising signs like Leo and Cancer and Pisces that benefit most from Mars may also feel its power.

Ketu will slow it down   and take away some of the zip but Mars and Ketu are better friends than Ketu and Saturn which we get for about 7-8 month next year.  Action is quick and effective; stamina and higher energy are there for major tasks. Hard work will bring fruits and Martian charm can lead to landing key deals. Technical savy will prosper. For moveable signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, this creates a Ruchaka Yoga and brings out Mars highest qualities.

Barack Obama has his Jupiter in this auspicious constellation 7.32 degrees Capricorn and became President during his Jupiter period and if you did not know much Vedic astrology you might look at Obama’s chart and think that he has a debilitated Jupiter and will not amount to much but that was not the case.

Ketu is also in this constellation supports administrative leadership and academic prowess as Capricorn is still a business sign and Ketu is still a bit out of place here but this constellation will support success for leaders.  Ketu is there until Nov. 1st in the mean node system.  Scorpio and Leo and Pisces rising and moons may may benefit most from this transit.  Last time we saw this was Jan. 25, 2000 to March 28, 2000 so it is relatively rare.

Special thanks to my colleagues , Komilla Sutton and Juliana Swanson for their continuing insights into this constellation.

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