Fall will be here by Sept. 22nd with the Autumnal Equinox and I completed running data through the end of the year and will give you a quick overview.

Mercury goes into Virgo, Sept. 18-Oct. 6th bringing deep communications, writing, service work.  It is afflicted by a square from Saturn exactly Sept. 23rd which may slow it down for a few days but always enjoy this transit and its ability to foster desires for new learning and classes and a chance to get back to school in our studies.

Mars is exact Ketu in the mean node system into Sept. 22nd and in the true node system into Sept. 26th  and is not out of the 5 degree radius until Oct. 5th.   Watch explosive and repressed anger and diffuse it with exercise and screaming at the top of your lungs when no one is around.

Venus goes retrograde, Oct. 5th-Nov. 16th which can lead to reevaluating relationships but it has great power in Libra and retrograde benefics are more powerful to do good. There is a Malavya Yoga in transit for Libra, Capricorn, Aries and Cancer through Dec. 31st and it is a powerful time.  Venus combustion Oct. 23-31st when it is too close to the Sun is not a huge problem in retrograde and if anything the Sun’s energy spiritualizes Venus.

Jupiter moves into Scorpio on Oct. 11th for 13 months and is vulnerable when it changing signs between Oct. 6th and Oct. 16th.   We will have a series of articles about this transit but it is a friend’s house and should foster deeper spirituality and wisdom and growth. We have published a preview of this in August.

Sun in Libra,, Oct. 17th-Nov. 16th is often a depressing time of the year and can bring up low confidence and hurt leadership but it can build working in teams together. The worst point of the debilitation is Oct. 27th. Always have to watch health with this transit and the change of seasons into fall.

Mars is conjunct the eclipse point into Oct. 29th and that can bring explosive surprises.  Mars hits the exact point of exaltation into approximately Oct. 28th and gets ready to move into Aquarius Nov. 5-Dec. 23rd which is a more challenging transit but at least it get away from Ketu but gets an aspect from Saturn into Nov. 27th which is also a time of frustration and indecision.

Jupiter gets hit with a trine from Rahu exactly in the true node system into Nov. 7th . Jupiter is combust Nov. 12- Dec. 10th which has a spiritualizing influence but can create health problems when it is very close for Sagittarius and Pisces depending on the period one is running.

Sun is trined by Rahu into Nov. 20th and Neptune goes direct on Nov. 24th.

The last of the Mercury retrogrades happens Nov. 16-Dec. 6th in the sign of Scorpio. Not an easy retrograde for Gemini, Virgos, Scorpios or Aries rising in an enemy’s sign.

Saturn is combust starting Dec. 4th into January 8th which can increase stress and anxiety and tension for the Christmas season but that is usually there anyway.   The most difficult part of the fall will be Saturn moving into Pada 4 of Mula Nakshatra (Sagittarius 10-13.20) Oct. 21-Nov. 26th which is a difficult karmic area for suffering and challenge and a repeat of June 5-July 22nd except in less difficult direct motion.  Still it is a final change to clean up the past and regret and deal with the first two passes of Saturn through Mula. Saturn moving into Venus’s constellation of Purva Shadha (Sagittarius 13.20-26.40) will be supportive and continue some of the grace we felt from March-early June.

Mars goes into Purvabhadra Nakshatra (Aquarius 20-Pisces 3.20) on Dec. 8th- Dec. 28th and into Pisces Dec. 23rd-Feb. 5th connecting Mars and Jupiter which is always powerful for athletes, courage and giving Mars more spiritual energy.

Mercury ends the year on Dec. 31st going into Sagittarius and moving toward conjunction with Saturn into Jan. 13th.

We hope to have our 2019-2020 Vedic Astrological Transit Guide out by Thanksgiving and your patronage and contributions are always appreciated.

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