EYE ON THE SKY:  Autumnal Equinox is on Saturday, Sept. 22nd. The Autumnal or Fall Equinox in the northern hemisphere will occur on Saturday, September 22 at 9:54 PM Eastern Time and  south of the equator, it will be Spring Equinox.

The term “equinox,” The ancient cultures always took time to celebrate during this time and do extra spiritual practice. The planetary energies get a bit weird as they re-balance and the tendency is try to do too much during the change of seasons and this can lead to sickness. Take it easy and take extra time for spiritual practice and take time to celebrate by taking in a cultural event and welcome fall and harvest and be grateful or be just “great” and “full.”  Avoid work-alcoholism and running around like a rabbit even if you feel a lot of extra energy. You could get sick if you get out of balance.

Not considered auspicious to start new event around the equinox within a few days before and after and we have the Mars/Ketu mean node conjunction which can lead to bursts of anger, accidents and weird energies so a good time to take it easy.

Sun conjunct Mercury into Sept. 20th will create  buzzy and busy mind so give your mind a rest and do something physical to get through the craziness.  The shoulder stand is a good pose to get out of the head and get the Mercury energy rebalanced. Saturn squares Mercury exactly into Sept. 23rd also slowing down mental energies and creating more anxiety for Virgos and Geminis.   Can lead to deep thinking with Mercury in Virgo starting on Wednesday until Oct. 6th and once we get rid of the Sun and Saturn influencing Mercury, good time to get those articles, books, computer programs written into Oct. 6th.

The Kala Sarpa/Amrita Yoga ends early on Sept. 20th and that should help tone down the intense solar energy which has us working too hard and taking no prisoners with our drive to get things done.

Full Moon in Pisces Sept. 24th is always sweet and the Harvest Moon and will bring a full spiritual heart and sense of gratitude.

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