Sun goes into Scorpio on Nov 16th and we already have Mercury and Jupiter there and Venus will go into Scorpio in January. This is one of the mysterious and dreaded signs of the zodiac. What does it mean?

If you have Sun or Moon or Scorpio Rising, you may have the following qualities: being complex, having extreme likes and dislikes, being impulsive, a space cadet, having deep past life karma and suffering and facing financial challenges if Ketu dominates.  If Mars and Ketu are strong in the chart and if it is unafflicted you may be devoted and nourish your friends and have a tendency to fix broken people. You have a deep feeling level and are highly intuitive, shrewd and have a tendency to inspire others toward their spirituality. With Jupiter in Scorpio in transit, the higher energies come out.

If Mars or Ketu are afflicted in the chart, then the darker and more stereotypical energies of Scorpio come out which include: being too critical and possessive, vengeful and hypersensitive and tending to speak ill of others; being controlling and punishing and over-working and possibly getting too intimate too quickly.

Blind spots for Scorpios include having trouble making changes around work home an relationship as a fixed sign and being too often filled with emotional upheavals and being too manipulative to avoid emotional upheaval and this leads to being controlling. Scorpions must learn how to open their hearts without ambition or fear or control!    Mars owns the 6th and 1st so they are their own worst enemy. Pained existence will turn them into healers because of their own pain.  Can become great service people once they overcome their own stuff or need to do service to get out of their emotional and psychological maelstroms.

Ketu is the primary ruler of Scorpio which is the natural house of transformations, mistakes, loss of consciousness and past karma. Each planet in the 8th house shows our unawareness and past mistakes so it represents core blind spots in our life that our soul has. It is like a factory error in our life that we are blind to when we buy it.   Planet placed in Scorpio naturally get connected to past lives and core level blind spot.

Scorpio teaches us that our original mistake is the identification with the body as the self when it is so much more as Ketu and the 8th house remind us of our mystical inner Divinity and sometimes we are prompted to do this by going through 8th house challenges like divorce, acute illness and litigation to remember that life is so much bigger and so we can be prompted to discover God.

Sun enters Scorpio: November 16th

The Sun moves into Scorpio on Friday and ends its difficult month in Libra. Scorpio is the natural 8th sign of the zodiac owned by Mars and Ketu and represents the mystery of life, sexual or kundalini energy, the occult. It is a water sign and deeply connected to intuition and higher spiritual knowledge and can bring up deep karmic and psychological releases.

The owner of Scorpio is a pleasant 4 houses away in Aquarius and supporting the Sun.  Even Ketu is correctly 3 houses away and now away from Mars. The first part of Scorpio is connected to the constellation of Anuradha, which runs (Scorpio 3.20-16.40) and the Sun’s transit there between November 19 – December 2nd.

Prash Trivedi reminds us that the constellation of Anuradha is connected to Mitra, the God of Light and this transit can awaken ones’ connection to the Divine. This can really enliven and awaken spiritual life. If you were born November 19 – December 2nd, you may have a strong spiritual inclination, which will be enlivened by this transit.  Anuradha  signifies good luck to those who have been following dharmic paths and are true devotees of the God. It is connected to networking, friendship and goodwill and partnership.

The Sun is the planet of the soul and of expressing ones’ power so at this time it is very important, and the goal is not to get immersed in materialism but remember one’s deep connection to the Divine and use the awakened Kundalini of Scorpio energy for higher consciousness.

Saturn’s ownership of this constellation can bring great teachings of cosmic truths if you can lean to move to the highest level of knowledge of responsibility for the planet and self-realization.  Jupiter’s stay in Anuradha supports the expansion of  spiritual energy and helps us to go deeply  into our real self and to spend more time in meditation and spiritual pursuits.  Jupiter is a priest, a guru, and the planet of higher wisdom and Jupiter in Scorpio supports intuition and psychic abilities and spiritual development and devotion and the constellation of Anuradha feeds it.



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  • Eclipses in Gemini/Sagittarius
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