Christmas can often be about “stuff”–more things and toys and gadgets and wrapping paper and endless shopping.  I am reminded of one of my favorite novels by Saul Bellows, Henderson the Rain King (1955) about a Connecticut millionaire who is cleaning out the home of a parent and is amazed at the amount of stuff that person accumulated and saved over a lifetime. He almost drowns in it and it sets off a spiritual quest for him an a journey to Africa to help a tribal people.

Around Christmas, the planets start moving out of the tamasic nakshatras (Magha to Jyestha, Leo 0-Scorpio 30)  and into the satvic nakshatras, Moola to Revati (Sagittarius 0-Pisces 30).  The Sun is always in Mula for Christmas and rebirth.    Mercury will enter Mula on Dec. 31st and Venus will follow later in January and Jupiter will tag behind this year in Jyestha.  early January.  Mula (Sagittarius 0-13.20) is  about shedding the material and finding spirituality.   As  Mercury and the Sun start  going through Mula, there is a call for a spiritual awakening and funnily enough it often coincides with Christmas.  It is a time to look at the stuff in our life and decide is this what life is about?

My spiritual teacher is fond of saying that mature joy is the joy of the Grandmother at Christmas, not needing anything, but pouring out her heart in love in cooking and taking care of her family.  The holidays can bring out that mature joy but we can also reach into our closets and pocketbooks after Christmas and see what we can give away to those in need.   At the planets move into the satvic nakstatras that promote spirituality, let the coming spring season bring new spiritual awakenings and mature joy into your lives and hearts.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season! May the Christ child be reborn in you this season bring new renewal and joy and a new beginning for a new season!


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