In watching Pluto over the years, I have learned that it cannot be ignored from personal experience. And as we have written before, palm leaves in a Madras museum have predicted the discovery of 3 more planets and Pluto can be most connected to the god Yama who is not always about death but about transformation.

Whenver Pluto is strong, I feel it in my solar plexus and that has been the case with a strong influence of 2 degrees for the Sun/Pluto conjunction Jan. 9-13th.   Pluto/Sun conjunctions tend to be intense but can bring great power to whatever you do.  They force you to repair situations, relationships, material things that have broken down and need to be regenerated.

You may be forced to contend with a powerful boss or father figure that may exert unreasonable power and control and you may have to defend your territory.   Government leader often get into power trips with this aspect so we could see world leaders try to force issues the next few days and that seems to be happening with the Wall and Trump and with May and Brexit.

Stay on top of your extra fire power and try to calm it down with coconut water or milk if it gets overwhelming or channel the energy into exercise.  Sexual energy could come up strongly and may be too powerful for your partner to handle so be find a way to be more gentle.   This transit has a short impact but also can leave people with short-fuses that go up too quickly.   In fact, someone was setting off firecrackers in my neighborhood in the country in January.


Vedic Astrology Transit Guide 2019 – 2020

guide for anyone interested in understanding planetary transits that often blocks us from moving forward in our life.

Barry’s unique spiritual and psychological approach to astrology will help you understand how planet placement impacts your emotions and psychology that bind us to self-blame, doubt and fear, and anger.

This guide for 2019-2020 will help you plan the next few years by your rising sign so you know the best months of the year for progress and how the larger transits for Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and the eclipses will impact your life.

Articles Included in This Book:

  • Saturn/Ketu conjunction for March-Nov. 2019
  • Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio  by Rising and Moon Sign
  • Rahu and Ketu’s Transit through Gemini/Sagittarius by Rising and Moon Sign
  • Saturn/Ketu/Pluto conjunction in Sagittarius by Rising or Moon Sign
  • Eclipses in Gemini/Sagittarius
  • Political and economic Landscape for 2019-21
  • Guides to major transits of Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and all the transits of the Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury and Eclipses and Periods of Combustion
  • General articles on eclipses, retogrades, combustion, exalted and debilitated planets, planetary aspects,
  • Over 300 pages.

As a bonus, Barry has included global and economic, political forecasts for those 

interested in Mundane astrology.

This is definitely a reference book to have on your shelf for practicing astrologers or just people who like to dabble!
It will also be useful for both Vedic and Western astrologers!

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“This almanac is truly a masterpiece and labor of love. Barry is a gifted astrologer and writer. I have written yearly forecasts for over 30 years and understand the work, knowledge and dedication involved. It is so complete with everything a beginner or advanced student of astrology would need. The references to the planet’s transit through the signs, nakshatras, aspects, dates and times, plus their interpretations is fantastic. He even covers the effects these will have on individual countries. I am sure I will be referring to this manual frequently throughout the year.”
Joni Patry, author and Vedic Astrologer


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