JUPITER IN GANDANTA AREA:  Scorpio 29.12-Sagittarius 0.48.

Oct 18-Nov 4 26.40-29.59 Scorpio

Nov 3-Nov. 8th, 2019. 0-0.48 Sagittarius

Jupiter moves into the final 3.20 degrees of Scorpio Oct. 18th know as the Gandanta.  Because these final 3 degrees are connected to Pisces,  Jupiter can handle this area best where it spiritual wisdom come out strongly from the Pisces/Scorpio section.  Still planets at the end of a sign are in transition and tend to be weaker and Sagittarius rising in particular, may notice a rougher transition and Pisces to a lesser extent.

Jupiter  enters the most critical area of the zodiac on Nov. 3-8th    which is between 29.12 Scorpio and 0.48 Sagittarius  which is know as Abhukta Mula, which means uneaten, not enjoyed and unused. If you were born at the end of Scorpio or the beginning of Sagittarius  it can give you an ability to not enjoy the blessings of life due to karmic circumstances but it an also propel you to gain stability and get to the core of existence.  The Gandanta is know as the karmic knot and usually it can create a deep level of suffering that propels you to find universal consciousness and spirituality.  It can bring up deep psychological or physical knots that need to be unraveled in order to find freedom. It tends to bring up problems that seem impossible to deal with like a deep knot that needs to be unraveled but is too tight to become undone.

For some people, if you have natal planets placed at 26.40-29.59 Scorpio, this transit may bring up a danger of indulgence in fantasy, sexual intrigue, intoxication as a result of excessive emotional churning. Still Jupiter should have the wisdom and restraint to deal with this energy.

When Saturn was in that area a few years back it brought up deep psychological and emotional churning for days. Jupiter will do better in this area as the last Pada is owned by Pisces and Jupiter can find depth and wisdom to untie difficult knots and problems that come up.  Still planets do not like being at the end of the sign which is called sandhi in Vedic astrology and void of course by Western astrologers and it is like moving into a new house and having all your stuff lost in boxes.    Still even in the Sagittarius section, Jupiter is sandhi in early November and channeling Ketu’s difficult energy due to its conjunction with Saturn so the Sagittarius section may be more troubling then the Scorpio section.

This transit will most impact you most  if  you are  Cancer, or Scorpio or  Pisces or Sagittarius rising signs or if you have key planets with 3-4 degrees of 29-1 Scorpio/Sagittatrius and because Jupiter is a benefic, it will mostly bring luck and support for water signs and fire signs.

The area on the Sagittarius side is called Mula Gandanta (Sag. 0-0.48).  Nov 4-8th.   There is a feeling of not being supported  by society, partner or society and this issue is coming up to heal.   Sometimes supporting others is a way of healing your own lack of support and one has to realize it does not matter.   Mula gandanta goes from April 1-23, 2019 and again in November.

Sometimes deep fears and insecurities can come up in these realms.  Go deep into the fear and recognize the illusion of it. You are safe and secure and no one or nothing can harm you. 99% of that which we fear never happens.  Remember this. You are safe and protected.

Stay on top of this wild energy the  by  doing your yoga and meditation and drinking calming herbal teas.  Stay calm and centered.   Become Capricorn the mountain, solid, unshakable and soar high like the eagle into great freedom.  The world around you may seem to be moving too quickly and we expect the world scene to get a bit more excited also  as all the wild  emotional churning will explode a bit and lead to more intense  revisiting of  all the anguish from the post-election shock. But trust that God has a plan.

Sometimes the Mula Gandanta will bring deep material losses in order to create spiritual awakening and to remember why we are here on the planet.   A falling stock market or crashing housing market can impact us in that way      This area is linked to karmic strain and spiritual awakening and often this happens after the material gains from the transit through Jyestha nakshatra know as Antares (Scorpio 16.40-29.59). Suddently there is an emotional churning for spiritual awakening.  Sometimes this is a result of material fragmentation and loss but it does not have to be that way and will depend more on the rising sign.  If we have not moved onto the spiritual path, this transit can create disruption and upheaval around the material to point you toward the Divine. It is a time of karmic endings and Jupiter’s long stay here, of almost 5 week is not typical of its typical 1 week journey through this area which we will see in November.

Jupiter moves into Sagittarius permanently Nov. 4, 2019.

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Special thanks to Komilla Sutton for our wisdom and insights on the Gandanta area.

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