The week of Jan 5-12th is one of the more complicated weeks of the year in the stars and we can tell with the drone attack on the Iranian general that the world will seem a bit more chaotic over the coming weeks.  We have been talking about the Saturn/Pluto conjunction which peaks into Jan. 12th but we also have Jupiter exactly conjunct Ketu on Jan. 6th in the mean node system and the Lunar Eclipse at 26 Gemini on Jan. 10th and Mars exactly making a full 8th house aspect  (210 degrees) to the North Node Rahu in the mean node system into Jan. 14th and Saturn and the Sun and Mercury are conjunct on Jan. 12th.   Any one of these events might seem major for a week but all of them put together can increase anxiety, tension and violence.   Jupiter is the despositor and fairly strong and protecting the world and most of you but you have to be aware of your anxieties and thoughts and manage them.   We have talked about many of them over the past weeks but lets go over a few highlights:

JUPITER/KETU:  EXACT IN MEAN NODE  JAN. 6TH:  (Orb of influence Jan. 1-21st)

On a mundane level, the conjunction can bring unforeseen expenditures and depletion of financial resources and it may promote day-dreaming and poor handling of finances.  It may be good not to borrow money during this transit as it will create longer-term problems.

Jupiter governs the liver and the Ketu conjunction could bring up some unforeseen health issues around the liver so take extra care of the liver at this time by taking milk thistle, drinking raw celery juice in the morning and hot water with a squeeze of lemon in the morning.

Women may attract more difficult partners who are working on addictive patterns; or  you may attract eccentric partners who are into an alternative spiritual path; or,   you may have challenges with your children during this time and feel a loss or separation if they go away to school and you may feel guilty that you have not done enough for them. They have their own life. Let this go. It is the maya of the mind and guilt is a useless thought that keeps us stuck in the past.


The  next Lunar Eclipse is hitting Jan. 10th, 2020  at 7:21 pm GMT and 11:21 am PST at about 26 Degrees Gemini and is a bit more ominous with Saturn opposing it and Mercury conjunct the Sun.  Lunar eclipses are much more emotionally impacting and this one opposed to Saturn and Mercury will be even more disturbing for the mind.   If you have key planets at 23-29 Gemini or 23-29 Sagittarius and are in a Sun/Rahu or Rahu/Sun period or Moon/Rahu or Rahu/Moon period, the next eclipse may be more of a direct hit.  Remember you have to be in the above dashas and have key points of your chart hit like your natal Sun, Moon or Ascendant to really have a major event otherwise the eclipses just produce a lot of fear that is illusion.  Remember 99% of the negative and crazy thoughts that come up are nonsense and we should not act on them.   END OF PART 1


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Saturn is afflicted badly bringing out its darker energies of gloom, pessimism, depression, anxiety so you have to stay on top of spiritual practice and remind Saturn that it can go .  We do not have to buy into our thoughts and emotions.

In personal astrology this cycle forces one to make difficult changes in your life that have outlived their usefulness. Depending on what house is impacted in your chart by Sagittarius this may be connected to work (10th house) for Pisces rising , relationship for Gemini Rising (7th house) or home  for Virgo rising (4th house) or many other varieties.  The energy for this has been building up for the last few years with Saturn in Sagittarius and will climax for wanting to make big changes in your life.  With the confusion of the eclipse energy until Jan. 15th, wait at least until then before making major decisions.

It is said that if you have your natal Saturn in Sagittarius and Pluto is going over it in the 27-29 degree area, it would denote a stressful period in your life where inevitable transformations need to happen and this will happen only after considerable difficulty.  One is usually caught between a rock and hard place in needing to give something up that is particularly difficult to give up like a non-useful relationship or a job that is killing you. There may be a tendency to persist to make things work but inevitably the pressure mounts and you have to make the changes and you cannot avoid the inevitable.

On a psychological level, there is great power to complete psychological transformation and have a breakthrough. But the process is tiring and slow and some old structure represented by Saturn has to breakdown.  Its possible that things get taken away from you like a home, or a bank account but ultimately this transit is reinforcing a new need to change your lifestyle and live within your means and not be dependent on others.


Saturn is afflicted because of combustion and being to close to the Sun and is combust and hidden behind the Sun until Jan. 30th.  Be aware that these underlying feelings of dread about financial implosions are just a wake-up call to get you to look at your budget, income and savings plans so that you have a strong infrastructure behind you to support your spiritual growth. And yes the world is going through the same thing as Central Bankers have created huge debts for the world, inflated the stock market and not created real economic development and throw smoke and mirrors statistics at us to make us think that everything is great.

Saturn governs the base chakra and often spiritual folks work more on their upper chakras through meditation but if their root chakra is not developed and Saturn is weak in their chart, their financial planning and infrastructure and connection to the earth is a bit out of balance.  This can create a lot of instability and fear. Its like a pyramid. If the base of the pyramid is strongly  supported, the energies can move higher to the peak.  If we have a solid bank account and savings plans then we have the freedom to pursue our spiritual development and not be thrown off balance.  If the pyramid is inverted and there is low energy at the base and all the energy is very strong at the top, then there is no stability to support all the spiritual growth.  The current transits are challenging our systems.

Capricorn, the main home for Saturn, requires security and safety to move forward.  Capricorn rising in particular, with a 12th house transit from its home, may feel insecure.  We are still dealing with the Sun/Saturn conjunction into Jan. 12th and afflicted Saturn turns up tension  and Ketu is still there  and turns up up unconscious fear and dread and requires looking deeply into those fears and realizing that most of the time, that which we fear does not happen. 99% of the time, the things we fear do not manifest and it is the surprises that get us.  Remember that with Saturn in transition, that fear is all in the mind.  Do more meditation and yoga and breath work to transform the energy. The chair pose in yoga, grounds us to the earth chakra as does the Mountain pose so that we feel our feet grasping the earth and this creates more security in our life.  Use the fear as a wake up call to handle your finances, get into your body and take care of your health.  Look up the magicians “fear sleeve” and expose him for the fraud that he is. You are infinitely safe in this universe. (If you want to connect astrology to hatha yoga and chakra analysis, see our workshop at: or take our 3 session  course on Spiritual Astrology starting Jan. 11th live on Go to Webinar and available to see on reply for missed classes.

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Afflicted Saturn requires us to go more slowly, to not rush around like a rabbit and not to do too much; otherwise, our anxiety level increases and we are more likely to get sick from hypertension or anxiety-related illness. The cold winter increases the air element and fear. Drink more hot water and calming herbal teas, slow down, do slower exercise, get oil massages and eat more hot meals and you can keep this aspect at bay. If you are running a Saturn period or are ruled by Capricorn or Aquarius or are Scorpio or Sagittarius rising, you may feel the impact more over the coming year.  It can get handled. The planets are your friends if you heed their advice and do your work.


In Part 3we will cover the Mars 210 degree aspect to Rahu and other big events for January.

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