SATURN IN CAPRICORN  JAN. 23, 2020- JAN. 17, 2023


Saturn moves into Capricorn  late in the day on Jan. 23, 2020 and will stay there until Jan. 17, 2023 although it goes into Aquarius in April 29, 2022 for a few months before retrograding back a few months later. While we have been all looking forward to Saturn being in its own sign, it is still Saturn and is not a total picnic and it will impact different people in different ways and will require hard work and responsibility in order to fully blossom.

Doing general predictions for large groups in these columns  is always difficult and this transit will impact your chart in different ways. If you are Capricorn rising it will support health and finally  give you a sense of being home after its 29.5 year journey.   Saturn transits are considered more beneficial when they are  3rd, 6th, and 11th from your natal moon or ascendant and hence Scorpio, Leo and Pisces rising and moon signs may do better with it.  People in a Saturn dashas or Saturn bhukti will be most impacted by this transit  and if you have 4 or more bindu points in Capricorn in  the Ashtakavarga system, it will be beneficially.  If your natal moon is in Capricorn or Aquarius or Sagittarius it may impact you through  Sade Sat but we have written about this earlier in the week.

For mundane astrology, Saturn governs government, law enforcement and business.    Saturn in Capricorn should bring  crisis and redemption around corruption and ethics in business  and complex laws that are being crammed down are throats by state legislators like the failure to waive religious rights around vaccinations and the gun confiscation crisis in Virginia which is violating the 2nd amendment.  These are very complex issues that are not black and white.    Hopefully the prison-industrial scandal will get unearthed more and programs that benefit a handful of elite may lead to massive uprising as with the movement of Congressional benefits that they have voted in for themselves.  It is particularly complex with Saturn/Pluto together for a few years in Capricorn and we have discussed this on our 2020 Year Ahead Video.    So much more to write about but a start here .  End of 1st section.



Capricorn, know as Makara or the crocodile, in Sanskrit represents the fall as the spiritual energy of Sagittarius  descends into matter and gets involved in material desires.   It is not the Western astrological  goat or even a  crocodile but an amphibian creature with the face of a deer and a body of an amphibian and hence it is more of a dragon creature that wants to arise out of the swamp of the material world and fly to the heavens.

If you are Capricorn rising or have a Capricorn Sun or moon, there may be a tendency to be filled with enthusiasm and energy particularly in the nakshatras of Sharvana (10-23.20 Capricorn) or Uttara Shadha (0-10 Capricorn)  and idealism but Saturn by its nature prevents them from expressing their talents  Capricorn is connected to the natural 10th sign of the zodiac connected to desire to rise in status  and been seen an acknowledged in the world. It promotes business and Jupiter moving into Capricorn on March 29th for 3 months will be supportive and last time Jupiter and Saturn were together in Capricorn in 1961, the stock market did well during the first years of President Kennedy.   Jupiter moves into Capricorn in November for a full year.

Capricorn is connected to the base chakra or Muhladhara chakra out of which the kundalini energy arises. Hence it contains the latent potential for full realization but remains grounded and hidden in the earth and needs to be awakened.   Hence the essence of Capricorn is freeing the spiritual from its material prison.  Saturn in Capricorn can help us all get grounded  and will support exercise, yoga and meditation and those are all natural remedies for Saturn and they will be easier to get done as there will be more Saturnian discipline and hard work energy available.   So join the gym, take a yoga class or sign up for meditation.  The Jupiter/Ketu conjunction until late March is a special time to initiate new spiritual practice.

Again if your Vedic Sun (Jan. 14-Feb. 12th), moon or rising sign is Capricorn it can create a very practical individual with conservative values who spends more time in preventing  problems from happening rather than using its creative energies.  The responsibility of Saturn makes it a great employee and its  tenacious and persevering energy makes it an ideal worker.   Saturn in Capricorn and helped by Jupiter when it is there will support hard work and success and achievement but it will not let up and just make it an easy picnic.   Like any malefic, it is like a good high school coach who pushes you on to do great things and go to the distance to make it happen. That energy will be very supported.

With Jupiter owning the 12th and 3rd houses and Jupiter debilitated in Capricorn, there is a problem with ethics in business and Jupiter’s moral wisdom in lost.   Jupiter goes into Capricorn in transit June 29, 2020 for 3 months  and then again for a year starting in November and this will support business but cause problems with business ethics.   This is a recurring problem in our society but it may come more to forefront and Saturn in Capricorn may allow for corruption to be finally overcome.

China, a Capricorn rising country, (Oct. 1, 1949 3:15  pm, Bejing)  is being called out for its business piracy of intellectual property but stubbornly refuses to bend.   In recent years, the infrastructure it is erecting with numerous bridges and highways, embodies the power of Capricorn and with Saturn and Pluto going into Capricorn in 2020, we can see a further rise of power for China.

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Interested in Mundane Astrology?  Watch our 2020 Year Ahead Video which has about an hour and a half on Saturn in Capricorn and Jupiter there and the Saturn Pluto conjunction and much more.  Watch at your leisure– Three hours on 2020.




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