Jupiter is getting ready to move into Capricorn  on March 29th until June 29th before retrograding back into Sagittarius June 29-Nov. 21, 2020.   Sagittarius and Pisces rising will be most impact.  When it is at the last degree of a sign it is a bit unsettled–like a person changing jobs, moving or changing relationships. Jupiter moves into a new sign every 12-13 months and the impact is like a person changing jobs or moving–there is this lack of clarity. These kinds of things can also happen to a person as the house connected to Sagittarius  is losing Jupiter’s energy and it will moving into Capricorn so a new house’s energy will be supported.  Jupiter is in transition March 24-April 7th.

During the transition, Jupiter is a bit weaker than normal. A weak Jupiter may have bad judgement, allow one to be too generous, or be overly optimistic. This will particularly true on the Capricorn side. So bounce key decisions off of your partner to get a reality check.

My friend Juliana Swanson has noted the significance of the 29th degree: “The 29th degree in astrology is often called the critical, karmic or fated degree. In western terms it is anaretic which means “that which destroys form,” and is often associated with some sense of not being able to see one’s way forward. It is at the end of the sign which can mean that certain of the associated planetary qualities are feeling used up, frustrated or at the end of their rope.

The 29th degree placements for some can represent a turning point and the possibility of some great relief coming now or ahead.”

The deity associated with the first 1/2 of this degree 29-29.30 is Bharmana which if you were born at 29-29.30 degrees of an odd sign would create a sense of wandering and not knowing one’s direction and creating confusion. This energy could prevail a bit this week as one is having to make major decision about transitions but judgment may be off so find a good clear friend to bounce your ideas off.   On  March 26-29th, the deity is stronger and more benefic being Chandra-Rekha connected to the growing out of new green shoots and open to learning new possibilities so as we move into a new sign, new energies are getting ready to be unfolded and new directions.

In India, when Jupiter changes signs 12 days before and after, there is a ritual of bathing in the 12 sacred rivers associated with each sign and people believe that their sins will be washed away and that they will become healthy, wealthy and purified if they take a holy dip in the rivers. If you are not in India, a symbolic dip in a river and being a nature could be auspicious if the weather is warm enough in your area.

Jupiter is connected to the liver which has over 750 major functions in the body and can be harmed by this transit particularly if you have this combination in your natal chart or have a tendency toward liver problems. Make sure to drink warm water with a fresh squeezed lemon every morning which is the best way to keep your liver toned up.  There are many important liver herbs to take.    May be a good month for a liver cleanse if you can handle it. Avoid taxing your liver by over-eating or eating very complicated fatty foods and cheeses. Jupiter also has connections to the pancreas so will be important not to eat too many sweets or over-indulge.

The spinal twist is a key posture for the next 2 weeks as it supports the liver and you may need to do the cow pose which also strengthens the liver.

So get ready to ride the wave of Jupiter bringing new energies into your life and expecting shifts to happen but feel the exhilaration of a surfer moving into new territory as we are luckily dealing with Jupiter.

We will write more on Jupiter in Capricorn later in the week as we get closer.  While technically debilitated, that must means it has problems with ethics and may be more business orientated rather than being in dharma and more interested in religion and Gurus.   If you are ruled by Jupiter, then the 3 month period will be an important time to take it easy as it is part of a 12 year resting cycle for you and energy may be lower and you will have to work harder to get things done.  The conjunction with Pluto into April 4th  will also be powerful and we will write more about that later in the week.

MYSTERIES OF SATURN AND CAPRICORN: Mastering its Energies for Growth and Transformation PART 1

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