EYE ON ASTROLOGY: SUN IN REVATI (PISCES 16.40-29.59) March 31st –April 13TH

The Sun moved out of Saturn’s influence on Tuesday  and into a new constellation and it should lighten and support our spiritual journey.  The constellation of Revati located in Pisces (16.40-29.59)  is a very satvic or pure constellation in the 12th sign of the zodiac connected to spiritual completion. If you have your Sun in Revati and were born between March 31-April 12th, you tend to be gripped with Piscean idealism wanting to be  your own man or woman and create your own world.  You may have unrecognized talents that need to be expressed by becoming a great teacher or coach and passing them on to others.

Revati is a very satvic or pure constellation that supports the spiritual warrior so service work or action that benefits humanity is supported the next three weeks. .

The famous Pisces fish represent the fish swimming its path in the sea is connected to life-path and the path to liberation but it is more as it is connecting to the universal mind and reminds us of the true meaning of Jai Guru Dev, Victory to the Big Mind.  Only by letting go of our small ego and surrendering to the Divine will, do we stand a chance of transcending the changing world.

The deity of the constellation is Pushan, connected to the Sun, who lights the paths to the Divine and is connected to travel whether mental journeys or spiritual pilgrimages.  Both are the same.  As Saul Bellow’s character in Henderson the Rain King proclaims, “all travel is mental travel.”  Hence our outer quests are part of our inner quest to return to the Divine.

Revati is ruled by the planet Mercury and contains all the Divine wisdom that exists in the Universe as it allows one to understand the possibilities of the entire creation. Mercury is in Aquarius until April 7th  and connected to Jupiter through the constellation of Purvabhadrapada (Aquarius 20-Pisces 3.20). The connection of Jupiter/Mercury/Sun should support deep spiritual wisdom, philosophy and spiritual growth until April 9th.

The Sun is happy in Pisces but it is 8 houses from its home in Leo and people born with that rising sign are still going through deep spiritual transformations particularly now and will do so more as the Sun gets to the end of the sign, know as the Gandanta (Pisces 27-29.59) where deep emotional grunge is will be up for purification April 10-13th.

April 3-9th, it moves into sections connected to Saturn (Capricorn)  where one has to watch blind ambition at work or in humanitarian pursuits. The final part of the transit April 10-12th (Pisces) is where dreaming and fantasy kind lead to impractical decisions and if you are born in this part of the sky, you have to be particularly careful about money and money management as this is something that Pisces often need to learn.

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