There is more fear in the air than we have experienced in a long time. Our cycle work suggests that things will get back to normal by late June at the latest when Pluto and Jupiter go back into Sagittarius and that we will have a recovery bounce into September or October. Sept. looks great with 6 planets being in dignity with Mars in Aries, Jupiter in Sagittarius, Mercury in Virgo, Sun in Leo and Saturn in Capricorn and 4 days, the Moon will be in Taurus and Cancer. Still, as we look down the road into 2021, we see trouble in River City. When you get major events like this, things do not just back to normal. People’s businesses will close even with government help, they will move, they will morn, banks will become a mess again because they are holding a lot of debt that will not get repaid and printing all this money out of thin air is not going to save years of financial incompetence and irresponsibility and will throw gasoline onto the flames.



While gasoline will be cheaper and wholesale gasoline fell from 2.00 in January to 38 cents, and fell 80%, we have not seen that translated into the pumps yet. Trump did talk the Saudis and the Russians into cutting some oil production today and that is a relief but crude oil fell over 30.00 a barrel recently and the cost of production is 50.00 in many places and oil closed today at 24.80. The Saudi/ Russian feud about oil had driven it down to 20.00 a barrel and cash crude is selling at 10.38 in Texas and 4.00 in Western Canada. Major wars start when crude is below 50.00 because no one can afford these prices and many shale companies will go bankrupt and while the Saudis can hold out and also Russia for 6 years. Major wars could break out between Turkey and Syria/Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia and Iran and Iraq. Canada’s economy is even more vulnerable than the US being so dependent on oil. While we personally welcome the end of fracking which is increasing earthquake activity and poisoning the environment, the oil industry is not going to go down without a fight. Oil will come back to life this year. Mars in Aries in August and again in late December and into Feb and hen Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries Jan. 21, 2021 will lead to some new conflicts.


We are experiencing the total loss of freedom and liberty with some mayors violating habeas corpus and threatening jail to those who violate curfew. We are willing to put up with it now but how much social unrest will erupt if this continues? We are already seeing it in Southern Italy and people in New York threatening to blow up bridges in order to prevent contamination. Expect more social unrest through May but will the virus come back in the winter and will be forced into a rewind? The real issue is Pluto in Capricorn and it goes back there Dec. 31, 2020, for 30 years. Governments who take power have trouble giving it back. As we go into 2021, we see more power struggles and civil unrest percolating. Pluto going back into sidereal Capricorn for good Dec. 31, 2020, for 20 years will bring about a need for healing about the government taking away power from the people and forcing them and monitoring them. Will the people rise up? The US natal chart has Pluto in Capricorn and our country was born in revolt. The US Pluto return in 2024 will be a transform or die cycle for the US? Will it rise to the occasion?

The election is likely to be a mess this year. Will the vote be contested and unknown again like in 2000 with Bush and Gore? It looks like a mess and will we get a civil war between the conservatives and the liberals if the wrong candidate wins. Could see this happen into the inauguration and it just about happened last time Trump won.


Saturn and Capricorn are connected to infrastructure and building highways and bridges. Looking forward, Saturn in Capricorn until April 29, 2022, the 29.5-year cycle and the 235 years cycles are disruptive for business and the sign of business and infrastructure so expect that major transformations, upheavals and massive chance will continue for the next few years. The government will massively fund infrastructure projects to put Depression-era unemployment numbers back to work. We need the new bridges and roads badly so something good will come out of this. Working for publicly traded construction companies and investing in them may be a bright spot in the next few years. Whereas Saturn aspecting Libra (entertainment and fun) from Capricorn and Cancer (Cruises) for the next few years will continue to dampen the entertainment industry and movie theatre were already in trouble with streaming and will they make it? Disney and Carnival–can they come back? Maybe not until Saturn gets out of Capricorn after Jan. 17, 2023.

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We are in the grand solar minimum cycle which began in 2019 and goes until 2053. The number of Sunspots is zero and this impacts the weather. The last time this happened between 1645-1817, the Thames froze over. It impacts weather and tends to create global cooling which means summers may be shorter for growing. The last scientific statement said that because of global warming, that maybe it would be neutralized. In 1816, we had temperatures in the 40’s in New England in June and July. We have a lot of wild crop weather cycles in the next few years. Agricultural prices should double or triple as crops get smaller and demand increases. Expect major food inflation and you can see it already at the supermarket but it will get much worse. Wheat and oilseeds are likely to explode in price. Is it time to invest in a mini greenhouse or expand your garden plot?


Gold is ruled by the Sun and connected to Leo but mining is connected to Capricorn. Jupiter in Capricorn should support mining stocks and gold. Cash gold bars are going for about 1800.00 if you can find any and 1 oz gold coins are running close to 2450.00. We doubt that 1450 on futures will come out but we could congest wildly. Time to buy bags of silver quarters and gold coins as they should go up wildly at some point as paper money get more and more problems.


How long can the Fed print money out of thin air before the realities of economics and dollar deflation hit? Probably by this summer as we get planets in Leo opposing Neptune in Aquarius we will start seeing some of this start hitting. Where do we park dollars safely given so many governments have this disease? As Justin Pavoni noted, “Now the Fed has established three new lending facilities to buy corporate bonds. So first they print the money to keep prices from falling in ’08 to a level where private citizens could afford houses. Then they bought up all the mortgages (so the Fed really owns all the homes in America). Now they’re printing up more money to buy all the big companies. So soon the Fed will own all the businesses because who can compete with a printing press. Who needs a communist revolution when you have central banking?”


We are looking for a low into June and recovery into September/October and then we will have a new push lower that will continue for a number of years. Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions tend to create economic tops and signal 2-3 year corrections. It happened in 1980 and 2000 but not in 1961 after Kennedy was elected. Still, the context of this year is different from Saturn/Pluto and other larger influences. The US stock market (born May 17, 1792) is in a Mercury period and Mercury owns the 3rd and 12th houses and it will go for 17 years and Mercury is not a great dasha for stocks. The last Mercury period from 1897-1914 was not kind to the stock market and we had a number of major economic problems during those years and problems with banks.

The world is not going to be the same again. We are going to have to do things differently and will our government officials figure it out? I am positive that there are many spiritual lights on the planet trying to lift us up but there is a huge battle still going on between the dark forces of Pluto and the light of Jupiter to control. Stay on top of spiritual practice to support the good guys!

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