Pluto is now retrograding backwards away from Saturn and that is good news.   Pluto went into sidereal Capricorn on Feb. 24th joining Saturn in Capricorn and Pluto will stay there and then retrograde out of sidereal Capricorn on June 29th. Since there are no fences in the sky and they are both in the same constellation of Uttarashadha (Sag. 26.40-Capricorn 10.00) they are going to be very close together the entire year.

The Draconian power grabs by certain leaders to me is the big Pluto issue working.  US governors are ready to throw out the Bill of Rights and illegally keep people out of work to enable their beliefs and agendas and to even double down as is happening in Oregon.   Only Sweden has show maturity in dealing with the crisis and they may be closer to developing herd immunity while the press makes us think we will only be safe with a Big Pharma vaccine. Its a tough call but past pandemics with the Hong Kong flu in 1968 did not find such measures necessary and heart attacks and cardiovascular problems kill 48,000 people a day but are we outlawing products that cause cholesterol or  hooking people up electronically to punish them if they do not get their exercise in for the day?  I am not denying that the virus is real and at the same time, our approach to it seems a bit medieval.

Governors in Oregon and Michigan appear particularly stubborn and wanting to resist state courts.     The mayor of Los Angeles is blocking petitions to be removed from office by not allowing people to collect the 330,000 signatures to put it on the ballot.   This is Pluto.   Do we believe that people are smart enough to know how to take care of themselves and others or do we need to bow down to mom and dad government because we are not smart enough? Its tough call because there is so much unknown but there has also been so much bad research.  Countries like Brazil resisted lock-downs and are now paying and countries like Sweden went for developing herd immunity and have the best chance of getting through this mess.   Still the issue for me is whether we let Pluto in Capricorn punish us for taking care of ourselves with extremes in law enforcement or do we develop a more mature approach?  Are not people who are vulnerable smart enough to know if they need to stay isolated and protect the vulnerable around them?   I think so.

When Pluto moves to conjunction with Jupiter into June 30th I suspect even more scientific discovery will come out to save the day and Jupiter retrograde into Sagittarius will lead to more justice and political rights restoration and I think we have until November 2020 to get new laws passed to prevent world leaders and governors from becoming tyrants  and exercising psychopathic power grabs.   If we do not get things in place the 2nd half of the year, the 2nd wave of the virus in the late fall and Pluto moving back into Capricorn for 20 years starting Dec. 31, 2020 will be a huge destiny point for humanity.  Do we let Big Pharma make us safe with more vaccines that are unlikely to work  with a mutating virus much like the flu vaccine does not works or do we move toward developing healthy ways of protecting us?    Do we feel safe getting on a plane or going to a restaurant again and will it take years to recover those industries?    We all have to have deep concern but no one in the press is helping people thinking about developing health life habits like taking zinc and Vitamin C and Vitamin D and staying away from GMO’s and other foods that tax the immune system.  I am not that hopeful when I see that people are too willing to obey mom and dad to stay safe and it is a primal response and who can fault them.  Where is critical thinking when you need?    Masks help prevent the spread of our droplets in public and are important but they also make us weaker as they cut out oxygen and weaken our own energy.  Are we ready to find masks that block viruses and let us breathe?  We will all be walking around with space helmets soon.

We are  concerned about the next few years until Jupiter gets into Pisces in April 2022 but with Saturn in Aquarius April 2022 -March 2025 and with Jupiter in Aquarius April 2021- April 2022, we are going to have to deal with massive societal transformation.  The old way of doing things will not work. This is a good thing but will it be painful and apocalyptic or will the world rise to the occasion?   Our big concern is that when world economics break then world politics break and then world conflicts erupt.

We are sensing that this pandemic will go into 2021 and not be over until 2022 and that many more lives will be lost.   Still modern   medicine and hygiene have advanced too far for it to be as bad as the 2018-20 pandemic but we all fear mutations or additional crazy outbreaks and we are in a time window where we have to stay on top of our health.    Still, the media at their worst with Rahu in Gemini until Sept. 2020 and , are feeding the mass hysteria and the Saturn/Pluto conjunction is feeding the fear of the unknown that Pluto so deep represents.

As I have written before, we cannot ignore the Coronavirus and Saturn should be giving us a wake-up call to take better care of our health and move us toward spirituality.  Sugar, dairy, meat, and eggs provide breeding grounds to feed viruses. This may be a time to change your diet and cut back on foods. Time to get better rest and increase your immune system with products like Collostrom, Gaia Whole Body Defense, and Olive Leaf extract which increase the immune system. Quercetin, which is made from the skins of the berries of Acerola.\ which is often a key component in Vitamin C complexes, is very effective in fighting viruses also. If you stay healthy, you are going to be less vulnerable.

I am continuing to work on the world outlook for my financial publications and will report more.   I am concerned about Pluto going back into Capricorn and staying with Saturn until late April 2022 so there will be no easy solutions and major return to the way things were.  We are in a major societal and political and economic transformation and these things are never easy but in the end they are necessary.  Stay on top of my financial forecasts at . Jupiter in Capricorn is falsely optimistic and tends to give out bad advice and we badly need Jupiter in Sagittarius again after June 30th to get it right. Pray for our leaders and use common sense.




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