If you have had a weird week and problems with computers and communications, Mercury has been a bit under the weather being in Pisces Navamsha and aspected by Mars and Mars is in Mercury’s constellation of Revati so could be a lot of mechanical problems or computer stuff.   That situation should get a bit better after July 29th  as we have an exact square of Mars to Mercury into Monday, July 27th at 5:45 pm EDT and for Gemini or Virgo or Pisces  rising drive more carefully and make sure that you not dividing your mind while driving.    You might only really have a problem if you are running a Mars/Mercury or Mercury/Mars dasha and if you have that signature in your charts.  Still we are thrilled that Mercury will move into the constellation of Purnavasu (Gemini 20-Cancer 3.20)  July 26-August 3rd and that will support writing and spiritual wisdom and better communications and increase the ability to research data and absorb scores of information and communicate it better.

Mercury goes into Cancer August 1-16th  which is a more difficult transit and Mercury is opposed by Saturn into August 3rd exactly and again either creating very deep and probing thinking or scattering communication or generating too much negative thinking.   Mercury/Saturn relationships  can create losing sight of the big picture, being obsessive and too detailed , being closed to advice, feeling stuck and subject to depression. This will particularly impact Gemini and Virgo rising.   When Mercury is afflicted in Cancer it can lead to restlessness and nervous behavior, impatience, complicated emotional analysis that is not beneficial. Do yoga postures for Mercury to help it out like the shoulder stand and the cobra and watch negative thinking and do not get too caught up in in.

Venus goes into Gemini July 31-August 31st and it is a friend’s sign but it will receive interference from Rahu August 1-8th and get hit by opposition-al energy from Jupiter and Pluto into August 25th.  Gemini is a friend’s sign so the Venus/Mercury connection and promote a lot of creative writing and song-writing and creative design and Rahu also supports creativity.    The dark sign of Venus in Gemini with all of those planetary aspects is that it may create vacillation in matter of love, indulging in excess sex and flirting and toward the end of the month overspending and being too extravagant.   Libra may be drawn to spiritual retreats and going to church online and have some challenges with one’s father or Guru while Taurus rising may have family challenges and be concerned about savings and finances.

Jupiter is strong now in Sagittarius and is strengthened by its retrograde motion through  Sept 12th.  It has a sextile aspect onto Neptune in Aquarius exactly into Monday, July 27th which is a minor aspect but it can lead to very imaginative and creative endeavors.  With Neptune in sidereal Aquarius the Jupiter aspect will continue to foster a strong movement toward wanting to support and change negative political conditions and you may be drawn to supporting political candidates to change social conditions.  But as always with Neptune, you can be prone to deception so search deeply for the truth and we are all grappling with this in our chaotic political world.

We had mentioned that Jupiter in Sagittarius would promote a return to law and order and the unleashing of agents in Portland as an effort to bring more peace and order to our troubled cities is an example of that happening and it seems that it will be continuing.  With Jupiter still about 3 degrees from Pluto through August 1st, there is a sense of strong-armed tactics  (Pluto) by these agents being used and it causing a lot of disturbance.  It is a thorny issue.  There were 75 murders in Chicago over the last week and that is extremely tragic and at the same time we worry about due process happening and the violation of the 10th amendment.   The deception of the entire mess is apparent with the Jupiter/Neptune aspect and the media is not helping  with the liberal media still pretending  that peaceful protestors are being thrown into vans like in a third world country (which is happening sometimes)   while the right-leaning media is filming the violence being done to the police in Portland trying to protect property and prevent the burning of federal buildings which is also happening.     Searching for the truth is tricky here but if you live in Portland you cannot help but know the reality of the daily violence that has gone on since Floyd and it is not always peaceful.     Maybe by the Jupiter/Venus opposition into late August some of this will be resolved.  With Mars going into Aries August 17-Oct. 3rd we worry that violence will increase as strong malefics have more power to do more harm.

We all need to get along and respect each other’s beliefs. There is a huge battle going on between good and evil.  Yes we need right the wrongs of our ugly past around slavery and create racial equality and there is a lot of good coming out of this but we are not sure that the agenda of Black Lives Matters is as pure as it has been painted and if you dig deeply and research you will find they are rather Marxist and anti-Semetic.  (Please do not accuse me of being a racist. I have promoted racial equality since the late 60’s)   The answer to economic disparity is not moving toward a Marxist/Socialist world and our history this century is showing that it does not work and go look at the mess in Venezuela for the latest example.   I grew up in a democratic family and I do like the some of the socialist models of the Scandinavian countries  and Norway was making it work but not sure that anyone could handle that level of a tax hit.   Let’s hope some sensible middle-ground answers can come but I am not hopeful with Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter again together in Capricorn in 2021.  I do not think that shredding the constitution is the answer neither nor should we judge people who hold conservative and right wing values and who are patriots as evil.   The answers are in the middle folks.

Stay safe and help others in need and continue to reach out to the elderly who are alone and scared often and spread love and compassion and do not get caught  in political division and separation and hate which the media is pushing toward.  There are always answers somewhere in the middle and stay open to others opinions. Throwing out the baby with the bathwater rarely works and I do not think that anyone really wants to live in the community with no police protection where thugs rule the neighborhood.  Burning and destroying property and people’s livelihoods is bit of an extreme way to get that done.  Let’s hope that sanity prevails and I think we have more of a chance this fall.



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