Mars opposition Jupiter:  Peaks into July 29th

I used to think this was a good aspect if you were ruled by Scorpio or Aries and it may feel good but it does have problems. Still if you are in the right dasha it may increase luck and grace.    It is not considered good for finances as Jupiter is a very financial planet and Mars has away of draining reserves or creating expenditures if you get too impulsive.   So be mindful about spending money that you do not have or overextending your business.  This can also bring out the negative qualities of Mars in that it may increase domineering or overbearing energies or imbalanced ego issues.  Be conscious of how you show up  and know your limitations and do not push too much bravado.

Sun conjunct Mercury Direct:  Sunday, August 1st: 

Sun is conjunct Mercury on Sunday, August 1st   at 10:08 am  EDT.   Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and usually can handle the sun’ rays best but within 3 degrees it gets a bit nervous and things can seem detailed and complicated and the mind seems busy and buzzy and there are too many thoughts running through the mind.   The impact of this conjunction can be felt a few days before and after.

Virgo and Gemini rising may experience the intensity  most but when Mercury is within 40 minutes of the Sun, and this is the case on Sunday during the day so intellectual brilliance can shine forth if Mercury is strong in your chart and prominent.

In the financial sector, it is said not to sell commodities when Mercury is approaching the Sun.  We find that is true as prices go up but often the day of the conjunction, things fall.

The cobra pose and the head stand can calm Mercury.  So calm that mind as Mercury is close to the Sun until August 4th and finally gets 3 degrees apart later in the week.

Sun opposition Saturn: peaks into August 2nd  but impacting July 30-August 5th

This is the archetypal power struggle with fathers, bosses and government and authority figures and you have to find a way not to be overwhelmed by them  This transit can bring up loneliness if you are isolated so make sure to reach out on the phone and connected.   There can be a strong battle going on between your responsibilities at work and at home and you will have to find a way to compromise.   We worry about another flare-up in the streets around Covid lockdowns in Europe and given the hot summer and brewing anger and this intense energy between Saturn, the people and the Sun, the President and leadership. France  and Italy have been particularly tense in this area lately.

This aspect can bring out depression and can raise blood pressure so make sure if you are vulnerable in these areas to take extra care of yourself.  The Sun is the karaka or symbol for health and Saturn for illness so this opposition may lead to a strong increase in cases over the weekend and a feeling that it is s out of control and personally you have to boost your immune system the next few weeks and take substances that battle and prevent viruses like Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, garlic and turmeric and echinacea as well as fresh air and sunshine.

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