We have an unusual event with exalted Mars conjunct Saturn in its own sign of Capricorn which last happened in late degrees on March 6, 1992.  It is know as a Yama Yoga if you have it in your birth chart and it causes struggles, indecision, financial insecurity, health issues. What is not realized is that Mars is strengthened by it and particularly in Capricorn and it is happening at the exact degree of exaltation at 28 degrees.   So Capricorn rising may have more problems and Mars exalts in Capricorn because it is in its most power in enemy territory.
Historically when I looked at early March 1992 we had a major Turkish coal mine disaster, tensions around the Bosnian war and an earthquake in Mauritius. We also had this conjunction in Feb. 7, 1962 but that was the day that all the planets were in Capricorn except for the moon in a tight stellium.  On that day the famous embargo against Cuba came into effect but there were no other major events.  We also saw it at 23 degrees of Capricorn on Jan. 17, 1934 where we had another earthquake in Nepal but a shortly after that Poland and German signed a 10 year non-aggression treaty–which obviously did not last.  So I do not think that the world will end.   When I watch markets around the Mars/Saturn conjunctions, I find they often go sideways as there is a lot of indecision and lack of clarity about what to do and in March 1992, we had that happening in the crude oil market a week before and after the conjunction.
  Capricorn is  where deep suffering and anguish are created. The conjunction is exact at 9:51 pm on Monday, April 4th.  but the impact will be felt a few days before.    Earthquake cycles are up this month with Mars in an earth side squaring Uranus which but transiting square hit already on March 22nd.
Mars is losing the planetary war of the two planets Sunday-Tuesday  of that week and so Aries and Scorpio rising and people with Mars in the rising sign and Gemini and Leo rising have to be particularly careful.    Afflicted Saturn causes hasty running around and you have to slow down to avoid mistakes. So between March 31st and April 9th  when Mars gets 3 degrees away from Saturn, you have to be more careful and alert to avoid anger, injuries, accidents, and fires.

It reminds me of my favorite police drama from the early 80’s, Hill Street Blues where the morning sergeant always ends the meetings with “You all be safe out there, ya hear.”   So slow down and do not be reckless in the next few weeks to prevent accidents.  Watch Saturdays and Tuesdays, ruled by Mars and Saturn most and if you are running a Mars or Saturn period or sub-period or have a Mars/Saturn association in your chart or if you are  Capricorn, Aries, Scorpio rising, it impacts you.  You will be most impacted if you have planets around 26-29 degrees Capricorn and really only if you have that conjunction in your natal chart.

The tendency is for anger and frustration to bubble up and you may snap at people. Resentment may flow through the mind. Delays and obstacles and indecision may bubble up. You will probably see more accidents and fires and terrorism in the news.  Capricorn is owned by Saturn and Mars and Saturn will be aspecting Cancer so the work/home axis is intensely amplified and everyone is feeling it working at home and the frustration will bubble up.

Stay on top of your meditation and yoga and spiritual practices to stay even and grounded. Go easier and slower and be more patient and aware to avoid accidents and angry flare-ups. Give people the benefit of mistakes that happen and be forgiving rather than fly off the handle. This is a 2-week period to practice mindfulness and observe what is happening in the mind and body and to stay balanced and not over-react. Find a way to laugh at situations and practice patience. If you do not stay on top of sleep, if you indulge in bad habits that are not good for you, if you are not mindful, it may seem rough and frustrating.  Be kind to your partner while you are in lock-down.

The Yoga poses like the Warrior pose can focus energy into the 3rd eye and keep you alert and the chair pose can ground you and keep you alert. So be careful out there, slow down, watch the anger and find a way to channel the energy positively into exercise, positive action and service.


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