While not talked about very much, there are planetary upagraphas or mathematical shadows of planets that are kind of like gravitational points that exist because of the results that manifest from them. In the same way that Pluto was discovered first mathematically,  and then found in the sky– because it had to exist–these gravitational points are very powerful and can be observed by their results.

There are seven  Kavelas that are discussed in Parashara and they have mathematical calculations that are controversial. They are unmanifest energies that are triggered by transits of planets over them:

They are

Kala   which is connected to the Sun—malefic.

Mritiyu connected to Mars—malefic

Ardha Pahara  connected to Mercury—benefic if connected to benefic signs and planets.

Yamaganthaka connected to Jupiter—benefic

Mandi connected to Saturn –malefic

Gulika connected to Saturn.—malefic

Paridhi connected to the Moon  (powerful when in a waxing chart)

IndraChapa connected to Venus.–benefic

These is controversy in the ancient texts as to how they are calculated and their calculations can be 25-30 degrees off based on whether you calculate them from the beginning, the middle or the end. (Not going to go into the details here.) Any good Vedic astrological software can calculate them and Sri Jyoti Star, Parashara’s Light and Jaganatha Hora all do.  My work suggests to use the middle calculation but always work in progress.  (Please do not write them to calculate them for you.)

When the father planet connects to its mathematical point, it can trigger unexpected events in the same way that planets going through the Rahu/Ketu axis trigger major event or cause eclipses.  This can happen at the conjunction or the opposition but often more powerful at conjunction but this can be wild and unexpected and unpredictable as is the case with Rahu and Ketu.  They may also support the houses that they are in.

So when Jupiter is conjunct Yamaganthaka (abbreviated Ya) it can bring certain unexpected gifts connected to the Karaka value like marriage, children, grace of the Guru and great spiritual wisdom.

Parashara, in Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, details the result of having Yamaganthaka (Jupiter)  in various houses, As often, the translations need to be modernized and this is still work in progress  :

The Effects of Yamaghantaka in Houses

1st House: Religious, full of learning, honest, peaceful, wealthy, charitable and with progeny.

2nd House: Wealthy, pleasant disposition, happy, spiritually inclined, dear to one’s traditions.

3rd House: Travels often, respectful to one’s peers, pious, charming, fond of one’s spouses.

4th House: Quiet, peaceful heart, helpful to all in need, beautiful lands.

5th House: Full of wonder, intelligent, affectionate, dear to his religion, full of virtue, abundant resources, lord of mantras.

6th House: Diseases of excess, too trusting, difficulties with wealth, giver of loans.

7th House: Unhappy, wasteful with resources, losses to spouse, problems with progeny and legacy.

8th House: Deep intuition, astrologer, peaceful, strong bodied and long lived, gentle, inheritance.

9th House: Having progeny, happy, valuable to one’s society, law giver, honorable, having much wealth, generous to those in need.

10th House: Versed in religion and law, learned in all shastras, intelligent, artistic and happy.

11th House: Enjoys relationships with others, dear to one’s people, phlegmatic diseases, well known and respected.

12th House: Many expenses, miserable, dishonorable to relatives, belongs in a Math.

(Special thanks to Ryan Kurczak for compiling this.)

As you can tell Yamaghantaka, meaning the ability to destroy death and bring protection blesses all the houses except the 6th.

There is a huge controversy about calculating the Upapgrahas as the 8th portion can be calculated from beginning, middle or end. Parashara recommends the end and the Prasna Marga author the beginning. The result can place the upagrahas off as much as 25-30 degrees. When calculated from the middle, Gulika and Mandi come out at the same degrees which many think makes the most sense as they really are identical and this is what Kerala Jyotishis think.

I like to be very scientific about these things. The best way rectification should be when Jupiter is conjunct Yamaganthaka (the benefic Upagraha of Jupiter) or closely triggering it by opposition . In early 1997, I had Jupiter transiting my 3rd house in Capricorn and using the middle calculation, I have Yamaganthaka at 7 Capricorn which is also conjunct my Arudha Lagna.

At that time I was running a Moon/Saturn period with Moon in the 1st in Scorpio and Saturn in the 12th in Libra/Retrograde. 3rd house transit of Jupiter should not produce anything auspicious and the dasha was rather inauspicious. Yet, I received an amazing blessing from my Guru, my partner and I talked about marriage and I proposed a month later, I won 25,000  in a contest and my wife to be  and I talked about having children.

When Jupiter opposed my Yamaganthaka in August 2015, I received an enormous blessing from my Guru and great boon around Jyotish and resolution of a deep spiritual conflict and lifting of some deep karma. The unexpected and unpredictable nature of Yamaganthaka for me  is best explained by using the middle calculation for as the end calculation puts Yamaganthaka at 22 Capricorn and the early one puts at 25 Sagittarius for me which would not explain how powerful it was so close to the middle calculation.

Like all Jyotish studies, we need to look at 50 cases of these kinds of triggers but it is something to look at and so Yamaganthaka can be another point of wealth in a chart and should be looked at and would be particularly triggered if one was having the transit and a dasha of Jupiter or a sub-period of Jupiter happening.

Special thanks to Ryan Kurczak and Komilla Sutton for their help in making this material clear. A clear account of the Upagrahas can be found in Ryan Kurczak’s book, The Art and Science of Vedic Astrology Vol. II, with material referenced from Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra and Phaldeepika

So I am adding Yamaganthaka to my points of wealth and good luck and good fortune to my Personal Finance and Money Karma course which starts August 18th.  Extending the early bird deadline of 295.00 to midnight on Monday, August 13th.   The course is available for download and each week we will have an hour of case studies, going over your charts and questions and answers. Details at:


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