Its getting edgy out there.  Between the media pushing us toward nuclear war, the horrendous footage coming out of Ukraine and the new Covid variant (luckily less virulent) let alone all the violence in our major cities, its difficult to deal with.

We are moving toward the Mars/Saturn conjunct in Capricorn at 28 degrees into April 7th and we cannot live our lives waiting for something catastrophic to happen. ( More later on Mars/Saturn conjunction). All the planets are our friends at the worst, Saturn is a bad high school coach pushing us to do our best and be responsible and work hard for our goals.  The planets are not there to harm us.

Do you think Saturn is  the bogeyman fear is going to get you, right? Usually we deal with fear by drowning ourselves in food, abusive substances, sexual outlets, zoning out watch TV or movies, playing video games or even escaping to meditation. Does this serve us or numb us out?

When we turn on the television, the media is ranting and feeding our fear.  Do I need a bomb shelter? Will  I have enough for for the shortages?  Should I get an electric car with gasoline going through the roof? How am I going to deal with rent inflation of 30% in some cities?

Fear is a survival mechanism that protects us. Our parents taught us to be fearful so we would not talk to strangers or go to near the fire on the stove but how useful is fear in our mature years? That mechanism is still firing but are we not really taken care of?  Those winter storm forecasts that Weather Channel have us hunkering in our house with provisions for a month  and they are never are quite that bad  are never quite as bad–and in fact   I find snow beautiful.  We are back to the cold war and I grew up in the 60’s when we practiced air raid drills and hiding under our desks?  Would that really have helped?  Some how we made it through the cold war and we were smart enough not to blow each other up.

The world seems on edge but is it the media or the deep state more concerned  about losing their power to create war and strife in the world?  The media has been gas-lighting and brainwashing us into submission that we will never be safe to go out of the house without a vaccine or that the grocery shelves will be bare or we will freeze as fuel becomes scarce.  Some of these concerns are getting more real but people are smart and good and cooperative and communities have to learn to get together and help each other and get back to the old barn-raising energy that made America special once.

I am very disturbed about the lost of trust in society, the fear of our neighbors and the breaking down of society.  It as almost as if someone is deliberately trying to create this.

As noted by historian and Scottish television presenter Neil Oliver in his video, ( =,  many feel like they’re stuck in an “existential battle between good and evil.” Perhaps you feel this “creeping malevolence” Oliver describes as well. We’re being hit with one crisis after another, but there’s nothing “organic” or natural about these crises.

They seem manufactured and intentional. The question on everyone’s mind is “Why?” Why would anyone intentionally create fear, destruction, hatred, misery and grief? To most people, such evil is unimaginable, and therefore they don’t want to believe it’s being done. Yet here we are — on the brink of world war.

We have just gone through the Covid crisis and luckily we are coming into the spring and better weather. Some estimated suggest that 95% of the population has natural immunity from vaccines or exposure or having lived through Covid.  Yet you all witnessed, the way that  governments around the world were wanting to mandate and force vaccines  and it was medical tyranny and terrorizing us against our friend and neighbors who may infect us with the virus.   And all of us have seen people die.     But why fear death?  It is the biggest illusion if you ever watch those wonderful videos and interviews of people who died on the operating table and they were brought back and they recount very beautiful stories. (See the work of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross)

But usually the worst I imagine does not happen and the world goes on and does not fall apart and the tension into Mars/Saturn conjunction will pass and we will somehow survive.      The world will continue to exist somehow. God has a plan and even when the architect is razing a building, he knows and sees the beautiful new structure that will be created. Japan and Germany in 1945 were a mess but look what has emerged today and who would have seen that in 1945?

Look within. Is your survival mechanism misfiring too much? Is it serving you? Are you missing out on the small joys and wonders in the world? Playing with your kids or grandchildren? Enjoying the beauty of nature or art? Good politicians will come on go but will you be at peace. Having raved for 8 years at Bush/Cheney and finally realizing it was destroying my peace.   Yes, take social action to create a better world but maybe it can be more effective and real in your community by volunteering to help the poor or the elderly. That is how we pacify Saturn and fear. Make a difference by donating to charity and do volunteer work and it will have more impact than rioting.

Use every day to enjoy the precious things in life: take time to hug a loved one, enjoy a wonderful cooked dish and see beyond the doom and gloom. Yes, we have problems ahead but God has a plan, bigger and brighter than we can imagine. I will leave you with some lines of a closing poem I wrote about Saturn:

The purple dragon is guarding the gate.

His billowing flames

block the light —

and yet there are no flames.

Walk courageously through his mouth

into cool waterfalls of laughter.


You are safe.

You are forever safe

in the loving play of the universe.

like the hummingbird floating from comet to comet

rejoicing in the infinite supply of nectar

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