Venus in Sagittarius Dec 5-29th

Sun in Sagittarius Dec. 16-Jan. 14th

Mercury in Sagittarius Dec 2nd-Dec 27th;  Retrograde Dec. 30-Feb 7th

As we move into Christmas, the planets start moving into Sagittarius. 

Sagittarius rising is the natural 9th sign of the zodiac and if you have your Sun, Moon, or rising sign there is not the stereotypical happy and related and contented sign that we think of.  While it is a place where we turn to the Divine after the tumultuous journey through Scorpio, it is not necessarily a peaceful place.   The Sagittarius Centaur, a horse with a human body is the only zodiacal sign with a weapon and Sagittarius rising can get a bit too caught up on raging wars in the name of religion or political values to push its values. Think of the US with its countless wars pushing democracy in the world. 

The mysteries of this sign are contained in the constellation of Mula nakshatra (Sagittarius 0-13.20) which contains the Galactic Center and a giant black hole that can suck one into the deep mystical experience but also take away the material comforts of the world to start pointing one to God. To be worthy of this spiritual initiation, one much is wash away the blood of the heart and move beyond the storms of Scorpio. If successful the Divine will shower down Poorva Punya Karma and the blessings of past lives and bring God’s grace.

We cannot think of the archer without thinking of Arjuna on the battlefield with Lord Krishna who struggles with the moral dilemmas of killing his kinsman for something higher. Only Krishna’s Divine guidance can move him to a higher level of spiritual initiation.  Like Arjuna, we must pass through the confusion of the material world and discover what is right and ethical and what is Divine Dharma to grow higher on our journey. Hence Sagittarius is connected to Jupiter, to ethics, the laws, and moral integrity, and moves higher up the social ladder.  No wonder lawyers and judges are so connected to this sign.

Sagittarius individuals can be dissatisfied and frustrated with their utopian ideals and struggles and must move to a higher Divine level lest they fall to their lower animalistic nature and war-like energy.  The US as a Sagittarius country seems to be working on whether it wants to be the humanistic and charitable savior to the world we saw at the end of World War 2 or devolve into a perpetual war machine that wants to support the military-industrial complex.

Jupiter owning two kendras (1st and the 4th) spoils its nature rooting it too much in the material world of self and home and making Sagittarius too attached to the family which blocks it from its Divine search.  When you meet people with Jupiter in the first or Sag or Pisces rising, there can be so much attachment to the family that when the children leave the nest, the parents are devastated. This becomes a block for the higher meaning for Sagittarius to search for the Divine. The 5th house of children is owned by Mars which also owns the 12th house so there can be frustration there unless Jupiter goes to the 9th house or the 11th house.

Jupiter does best with the Sun which is naturally connected to the 9th house and brings the Divine energies into its Being.  It is challenged by Venus who owns the 6th and 11th house and sensual allurement can create problems with health.  The Moon is a friend to Sagittarius but by owning the 8th house it is often denied the pleasure of family support and emotional satisfaction.  Mercury owns the 7th and 10th  and this often leads to conflict with work and relationships Sagittarius will often attract partners who are more into business and not having the deep spiritual values that they possess.  Mercury, owning the 7th house for this rising sign has trouble with relationships and difficulty listening since Sag. is often so stuck in wanting to be right and wanting to preach rather than discuss or communicate.

The bright spot of the Christmas transits is the Sun moving into Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius on Dec. 15th  bringing expansive joy for righteous action.  One can think of the Salvation Army ringing its bells every Christmas to save the world.   Sun’s positive qualities are coming out with this transit in Sag. which include positive energy, fairness, impartiality,  devotion to high ideals and causes, friendliness and joyfulness, fun, and sincerity.   Sun and Jupiter are good friends and have a 5/9 relationship between Sag. and Leo so there is a deep spiritual relationship that emerges at Christmas and an optimism that expands life with holiday cheer. It is badly needed.  Leos and Aries rising do best with the transit but also Sagittarius rising if its ego does not get in the way.  Taurus, Capricorn, and Geminis probably have more problems with this transit as it is an 8th, 12th, and 7th house from its sign. It is mixed for others.

If you are Sagittarius rising or Sun or Moon, then you will tend to have major lessons around belief, dogma, or religion and it is no wonder that so much religious conflict in the world arises from the sign which is the only sign of the zodiac with a weapon: the archer.  There is good luck in this sign due to its connection to Jupiter if you follow your dharma. If Jupiter is afflicted in your chart, we normally think of the challenges of this rising sign being connected to being too religious, fanatical, pushy, greedy, having problems taking orders, and being too quick-tempered.


Special thanks to Sam Geppi, Bill Levacy and Bepin Behari for their insights into this complex sign.

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