Saturn’s transits are considered auspicious 3rd, 6th, and 11th from the ascendant or Natal Moon.  That means Sagittarius Rising and Moon Signs,

rising and Moon signs, Virgo and Aries Rising and Moon may do a bit better with it.  Still Aries gets a 3rd house aspect from Saturn over the next 2.5 years and may not benefit.  While it may support Aquarius and whatever house is connected to that sign, its aspects may still impact other houses from there and it is still considered a strong malefic in its sign and has more power to create challenges.  In Aquarius, it is aspecting Aries, Leo, and Scorpio now and the houses connected to those signs may be impacted.  

The natal planets in Aquarius and Aries, Leo and Scorpio will be impacted by Saturn’s transits and aspects.  Benefics like Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus in Aquarius could soften some of the negative impact of Saturn in Aquarius.  Also how many Bindu points for Saturn you have in Aquarius will have an impact. If you have 3 or more, the negative impact will be less.  If you are running a Saturn mahadasha or sub-period you may feel the impact more.


As my colleague Sam Geppi puts it, Saturn is about doing the hard work to get our goals done: “Saturn shows the willingness to face the hardships of life and persevere through the difficulty because some things are worth the trouble — worth the TIME – and we do not have unlimited time. As we gain experience-facing problems, we become less reactive and develop grace under pressure. This eventually brings a level of calm and cool when stressed, which allows us to keep going and stay focused on what is important.”  

The key to Saturn is hard work, being responsible, and being focused. Venus can balance Saturn out so when it gets intense, relationship time, massage, the arts, and intimate connection can soothe out the tension of Saturn.




Saturn in Aquarius: Impact on Health and The Physical Body

Saturn tends to create health issues if we do not take care of our bodies with diet, yoga, exercise, and meditation. Health issues come up so that we can learn to treasure and honor our body—our biggest gift in this incarnation.

 If you do not stay on top of your health, diet, and exercise routines this year, Saturn is going to do its job and kick us into a disciplined program to take care of Your body. We have to be more alert and focused in everything to avoid being overindulgent in eating habits, too much sexual stimulation, and general neglect of balancing rest and activity in our life.

In Ayurvedic astrology, Saturn in Aquarius will support calves and ankles more which are connected to Aquarius.  Aquarius governs the skin and the calves. Even if Saturn is in its sign, it can still create some mild health disorders and cause some problems including skin disorders, poor circulation, and weakness in the lower legs. Walking is great and I have resorted to my rebounder/trampoline to get my circulation going.  Staying hydrated and drinking lots of water is essential to flush out toxins and prevent skin irritations while staying off of white non-organic flour and GMOs can support the body and prevent skin irritations.

  However, its aspect to Aries will impact the head and potentially cause too much Vata energy or an overactive mind so meditation and calming teas and Ayurvedic practices like Shiradara, will be useful to call the brain…

Saturn’s aspect to Leo could impact the stomach and be a cold snowball putting out the fire in the belly.  Doing exercises that stimulate the solar plexus like touching your toes and using stimulating Ayurvedic herbs if the fire is low will be helpful.

Saturn aspecting Scorpio will impact male reproductive problems such as impotence and could create problems with the anus or problems with piles.   Stay on top of your intestinal tract with good probiotics and drink plenty of water and fruit to prevent dryness and constipation. 

Saturn can impact your mental health greatly if you have Moon in Aquarius increasing fear and anxiety and depression. This may also be true if you have an Aries, Leo or Scorpio moon due to the aspect and the impact will be greatest when Saturn is aspecting your natal moon within 3-5 degrees on both sides.  Take care of mental health with meditation, yoga, and exercise.   

If you are in a malefic Saturn period and are over 60 or 70 when Saturn is more dominant, then the impact of health problems will be greater. You have to take better care of your body the next few days with a disciplined diet, regular exercise and yoga, and taking advantage of Ayurvedic oil massages to lubricate dry areas of your body. Pick up Dr. Lad’s classic book Ayurveda: Science of Life, if you do not own a copy.

When afflicted, Saturn signifies old age, chronic and wasting diseases, weak digestion, and poor disease resistance. It contributes to depression, diseases of dryness like constipation, arthritis, rheumatism, broken bones, osteoporosis, premature aging, cancer, tremors, and infertility. Be more vigilant about taking care of your body with exercise, diet, yoga, and meditation, and do not become lazy around these things. Saturn responds to the discipline and is always inspiring you to a higher calling if you listen to its messages. There are emotional components to each part of the body connected to Saturn’s influence.

Find a good health practitioner. Stay rested and do not run around like a rabbit. If you are in a good period for your rising sign and are young, you might have minor problems but if you are in a Saturn period or sub-period and older, then more pronounced events can happen. Diet, exercise, and proper care can prevent problems and lead to minor glitches rather than major problems. Still, Saturn will do its job. It creates suffering to point us toward the Divine and ultimately spirituality will help us get through anything. Of course, consult your doctor and a trained professional, as an astrological advisor is no replacement for expert medical attention.


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