I always learn a lot from my Western astrological friends and we have
an interesting case for Mars coming until May, where Mars continues
out of bounds, abbreviated as OBB. From a Western
astrological viewpoint, planets are out of bounds if they exceed 23.27
degrees north or south of the equator. This concept does exist in
Vedic astrology as Ayana Bala.

We all know that the Sun reaches its maximum northern declination
at the summer solstice and its maximum winter declination at the
winter solstice so we can understand that. The Moon, Mercury,
Venus and Mars have potential extreme declinations at different
parts of the year that can be too far north or too far south.
In Vedic astrology, declination is called  Kranti in Vedic astrology.
Vedic programs like Sri Jyoti Star do calculate this information on the
Astronomical Data function and there are precedents for looking at
declinations in concepts like Lata and Vidhara, which is connected to
the Sun and the Moon and can be difficult for muhurthas and create
emotional imbalances. For those of you who know the Bala systems
in Vedic astrology, the measure of out-of-bounds was calculated by
the ancients through Ayana Bala. (Special thanks to Juliana Swanson
for her knowledge of the appropriate Vedic terms)

Since October 22nd, Mars has been out of bonds. It currently today is
at +24,42 North of the equator and will get up to 25.36 by March 16th
before it starts moving down a bit. It will stay in the 24-25 area
out of bounds until May 4th.
What does it all mean? Out-of-bounds planets tend to have extreme
levels of personality which may seem a bit abnormal and in contrast
to the norms of society. They tend to display more creative thinking,
can be more visionary, and inspirational, and require extreme freedom of
thought and action. This may be a great spring for athletes to display
extreme skill and energy in sports and will make for good watching in
the basketball playoff and hockey playoffs and in spring baseball.


When Mars is out of bounds, it may be bolder, ultra-masculine,
have strong physical vitality and passion, and have a strong urge for
adventure and display extreme boldness and leadership and be very
confident. In 2019 Mars was out of bounds, I noticed that the stock
the market would not stop going up because the risk-taking is so much
apart of speculation and investment and Out of Bounds Mars keeps
throwing caution to the wind. The tech stocks and interest in buying
Tesla has been that way recently (Stay in touch with our forecasts at
I need to complete a correlation between huge bull market moves
and Mars out of bounds but it makes sense with Mars governing risk-
taking and gambling. This year the bottom of the stock market was in
Oct 13th and Mars out of bounds started Oct. 22nd at the low and we
do predict a May/June high even if there are pullbacks in places. See
our financial site, to keep track of our daily
updates on the stock market. We never base any prediction on just
one thing.

Katherine Hepburn (May 12, 1907, 17:47 pm, Hartford, CT) is an
example of a famous person who had an out-of-bound Mars in her
natal chart. She was quoted as saying once, “If you obey all the
rules, you miss all the fun.” She was dearly loved for her enthusiasm
and sense of adventure and was fond of wearing men’s slacks at a
time when women were in dresses. She had a very bold woman of
her time and did not wear make-up off-screen and was admired for
her independence and ability to compete with her male stars.
She earned 12 Academy Award nominations and won 4 of them.

When Mars is out of bounds, it can lead to more self-centered energy
but also extremes in courage, endurance, and passion. When
afflicted the dark energies of Mars can come out such as violence,
anger, impulsive energy, excessive force, and capable of picking
unprovoked fights. Rahu casts a 30-degree full aspect to Taurus
where Mars is and that is creating a darker side for Mars and violence
and may explain the riots and violence that was very strong in late
January when the aspect was exact.

Luckily Mars is not that afflicted this spring but it is not happy in
Gemini, March 13-May 10 where it tends to pick fights and get into
disputes. In Cancer May 10-June 30th, it can repress the need to fight
but then flare out. Pluto will be opposing Mars in Cancer into May 20th
and within a few crucial degrees, the week before and after and that
will afflict Mars in a deep way but it will not be out of bounds then.
With Mars out of bounds in transit this winter and spring, you are
going to have to go out of your way to be kind, accommodating, and
working with others because Mars is going to take over in wanting to
be stubborn, doing it “my way” and exercising extreme force to get it
done. Watch out for crazy drivers on the roads as they will have a
tendency to pass wildly and take more chances. I watched a group of
daredevil motorcyclists on the highway weaving uncontrollably in front
of people
On the positive side, it may show signs of being outrageously funny
and sarcastic and not concerned entirely about hurting someone’s
feelings, It will be a long winter and spring so find ways to stay cool and keep
Mars is under control so he does not do too much damage. Make sure
you drink plenty of coconut water to avoid getting overheated and
avoid spicy foods and chili peppers that fuel the fire.
On the positive side, Aries and Scorpio are Rising, and Taurus and Gemini
rising and Leo rising may benefit from the extra energy and courage
to tackle difficult projects and barrel through with extra power but be
be careful about walking on others’ toes. As Mars has been moving
toward out of bounds, I have found myself being more independent,
assertive, and pushing through boundaries—sometimes for the better
but sometimes running over my wife in the process.
Again awareness about what is going on will allow us to be more
conscious so we do not hurt others. Drive carefully and watch out for
the other guy. A few years back during the last OBB, when I was in
Chicago, I was amazed at the high number of people driving like
crazy people, passing on the right at extreme speeds and weaving
through lanes as if they were going to get somewhere faster. This is
a great example of the afflicted Mars being out of control and now we have

to add out-of-bounds to the mix so drive carefully and find a way to be
cooperative rather than aggressive. So be safe out there!
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