I have personally been going through a lot of physical and emotional challenges and when I talk to my friends, I am hearing great distress also.   What is happening in the sky and when do we get some relief? 

Many of us are on the edge, emotionally and mentally the last few weeks.  This week and in the coming week we go through the post-eclipse hangover with the Sun moving toward conjunction with Rahu in the true node system into April 24th  and receiving an exact 60-degree aspect from Saturn on Tuesday, April 25th. Not a great time to fight with your father, your boss, or the police cop who may stop you. Sun conjunct Rahu is a schizophrenic mess.   Talk about high anxiety, inflated egos, and then descents into the basement of low self-esteem. Don’t be too hard on yourself and get real with the masks you present in public and their phoniness.

Mercury went retrograde on Friday and continues backward in Aries until May 14th and that forces us to review our battles with Mars while Mars and Mercury remain in a Paravatana Yoga or exchange of signs and houses between Aries and Gemini until May 10th.   You know the Mercury retrograde bill.  Be patient, laugh, and know it will pass. 

Saturn continues to move toward a trine with Ketu creating unexpected material upsets which force us to want to run to the ashram, hide in our meditation room and pick up the latest addictive substance—hopefully Netflix or that extra piece of cheesecake.   

Jupiter is in the early degrees of Aries and getting used to its new abode for the next year and has not finished unpacking and is staring at piles of boxes and is not sure where anything is.  Luckily Venus is happy in Taurus and keeps us in some level of comfort and good cheer.     

Saturn is too strong in Aquarius in its navamsha of Capricorn intensifying suffering and pain and anxious rewinds.   To counter Saturn we have to reach for Mars and engage in the call to action and remember the Nike motto: “Just do it,” rather than stay paralyzed with inaction.     

Still, if we search deeply there is an underlying core of well-being there that we have to grasp onto and it is there with Venus strong in Taurus and Jupiter will be very happy in Aries once it gets settled.  The Sun will move into its power, and once it gets beyond Rahu by three degrees on April 27th.  We have to tap into that core and not buy into the mental worries of the mind and the core anxiety that Saturn will continue to cause for months–and it is just doing its job. It will get worse in late June when it goes retrograde for several months. 

If you are challenged, you have to reach into the power of  Pluto and surrender and Divine will.  Fighting “what is” and saying it shouldn’t be this way plagues the mind and cause our current discomfort.  We do not have to keep going through what we are going through. surrender is the key. Once you surrender to what is and once you take it upon yourself to rely on the grace of God, then you have a chance to be free. It does take a shift of the mind and doing enough meditation practice so that we can reach back and find that ineffable lightness of Being.  If we do not go there we are going to get gripped by Saturn’s grumbling and complaining.

And still, we have to avoid spiritual by-pass and be real with what is going on in our lives and somehow reach back to the power of the very strong Jupiter in the sky that is reminding us that we are safe and always protected and taken care of.  There is underlying it all, an ineffable lightness of Being.  If we can let go of the heavy luggage and baggage of the mind that is carrying a 100-pound suitcase through the airport when we just need a 20-pound carry-on.   Let go of the baggage.  What will be, will be.   Find those unbearable moments of lightness and love to fall back on or you will be doomed to the gnawing and complaining mind. Hug your puppy.  Take a walk and enjoy the blooming flowers. Smell the fragrance of the blossoming trees and give your partner a big hug.

 Find the sweetness of Venus and trust in the Divine and embrace Jupiter, which will increase our courage in Aries now.   Probably after May 10th things will lift as Mars moves into Cancer and gets out of the Paravartana Yoga with Mercury. Mars in Cancer is debilitated. but will have less energy to cause problems and will just snarl like a declawed cat. 

Wishing you all joy and blessings amid your suffering and may the Divine come to you in your great time of need.

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