EYE ON THE SKY: RAHU IN MAGHA–AMBITION, POWER, SUCCESS AND REVOLT: Donald Trump’s Rising Constellation of Regulus

Rahu, the node of desire, obsession, addiction is moving into a new constellation on Dec. 3rd- Sept. 10th.  Using the True Node system Rahu will move into the constellation of Magha. This is particularly significant because Ketu is across the street in Rahu’s nakshatra of Shatabhishak so there is a parivartana yoga or mutual exchange happening between the two nodes.  We have to understand the nature of Magha first.

Magha is in Leo and modern astronomers refer to it as a group of stars called Al Jabha, Adhafera, rasalas,  Alterfand. Magha constellation is associated with lions and thrones. The principle star of the constellation is the well-known Regulus know for the seat of power.  It means the great and beneficent one, the bountiful one, and its symbol is the throne and connects the constellation to royalty, honor, and achievement. It signifies material success and prestige in the world realm.

Magha is ruled by the diety, Pitris, and is connected to our ancestors and our genetic lineage. It is also associated with the boons of the past and the blessings derived from our forefathers.  One has to think that websites like ancestry.com and the companies that are tracing your genes like the the company 23 that traces your genetic heritage are going to do well.

The constellation will bring the positive effects of one’s past karmas so it could lead to promotions and favor if you are running a Rahu or Ketu period or if this constellation figures strongly in your chart. Its dark side can bring out the fierceness of authority and create merciless tyrants blinded by power and authority.  Given that there are no benefic aspects from Venus or Mercury or Jupiter on Ketu until January and late Feb and early March, we have to be concerned about Mars creating the dark side of this energy when he moves into Aquarius Dec. 10- Jan. 19th.  How will Trump handle this transit before the inauguration? To which side of the challenges of this transit will he gravitate? We also have to think of India’s leader, Modi and how this transit will impact him.  Already there is chaos in India with the crackdown on 500 and 1000 Rupee bills and other new proclamations from the treasury.  We have a concern for world leaders since Mars going through Aquarius and impacting Ketu will bring out the more challenging side of Ketu until Mars moves out of Aquarius on Jan. 19th.   Jupiter will not aspect Ketu this entire transit in Virgo, Jupiter goes into Libra in September, Ketu will be leaving Aquarius for Capricorn, and so there will be no softening of its energy.

Ketu is normally a planet of ascetics but the constellation of Magha makes it more interested in worldly affairs and worldly ties and promotions.  It has a higher degree of idealism in the midst of the material world and this can be a pitfall.  Donald Trump’s rising constellation is Magha so we cannot help but think that his biggest tests in wanting to do good for the world and yet also being potentially corruptible in the political arena, will arise over the next 8 months.  We hope that he will be successful.

Our biggest concern is that Ketu is an idealistic planet and connected with revolt and Rahu, the planet of rebellion and societal change, will be stirred up in this constellation exchange, which has the potential to fan the flames of an already troubled planet and post-election atmosphere.

The first part of the transit in Cancer Navamsha (Leo 10-13.20) goes from Dec. 3-Jan 12th and will bring out Magha’s love of ritual and ceremony and family pride. This first pada is not as good for prosperity and can lead to upheavals and self-undoing, so expect Trump to put his foot in his mouth right away.  The second part of the transit in Gemini Navamsha (Leo 6.40-10)  Jan. 10-April 27th is better for the king and will allow him to get better advice from learned men and succeed in group activity, so perhaps things will settle down after the inauguration.

So what do we do with Rahu’s transit through this constellation? It obviously induces more ambition for power and may spur you to go for that job promotion or seek more status in organizations that you are dealing with.   But it also stirs up fear around not fulfilling one’s desires and can lead to wrong use of will. Ketu always deals with past lives and ancestral karma and so this transit will stir up a deep past life karma that needs to be healed and particularly around leadership and status in the world.  Rahu may elevate one but Ketu may tear you down if you misuse power.  Given that this is Trump’s rising constellation, one has to wonder if he and the country will go through their deepest karmic tests through September.

The exchange of nakshatras with Rahu in Ketu’s nakshatra and Ketu in Rahu’s nakshatra is going to stir up this deep karmic axis and force us to integrate the past with the desires of the present.  Rahu is connected to the Sun in Leo now and Ketu to Saturn in Aquarius and this brings up an archetypal power struggle between the king and his servants, between the oligarchy and the people.  The transits of the Sun and Saturn now will be feeding this complex relationship.  The stronger Sun in Sagittarius Dec. 16-Jan. 14th will support Ketu in transit.   Saturn unfortunately will turn very weak between Christmas and March 15th as it transits through the gandata or drowning area of the end of the sign.  This will require a whole article to explain but it means that Saturn’s pull and influence on Ketu will be continue to upset and incite the people in revolt.  Can Trump and his new government calm this influence?  Without the benefic aspect of Jupiter and with the malefic influence of Mars between Dec. 10-Jan. 19th, it would seem that it will be difficult. Only Venus in Aquarius in January and part of Feb. may really ride to the rescue and hopefully the long transit of Venus in Pisces for 4 months this winter and spring will calm the flames and help peace and calm.

The complexity of this exchange between Rahu and Ketu can muddle the boundaries of spirituality and materialism.  Ketu becomes more material in Magha and Rahu in Ketu’s nakshatra, Shatabhisha gets more confused, deep karmic emotions from the past will be stirred up. (See previous article about Ketu in Shatabhisha)

The play of karma is rather unfathomable here. Rahu in Magha demands honoring your ancestors so if you enjoy Vedic ceremonies, time to honor them. Bringing out old family photos and lighting candles may be a modern way of handling this energy.  Time to get onto ancestry.com and discover your roots.

Stay humble, help others and realize that power and status can be snuffed out if you reach too high. I am reminded of the Greek myth where Phaethon, in his pride to be like his father, tries to capture the sun and bring it into the orbit of the earth. But in his over jealousness, he dipped down too close to the earth and the hot sun began to dry up oceans and rivers, and left deserts in their place. Phaethon crashes and becomes the Milky Way.  Lets pray for our country and its new leader and hope that he does good for the world.  Certainly these transits are going to test him and any leader trying to deal with the level of the world’s challenges is going to have his hands full.

Special thanks to Prash Trivedi and Komilla Sutton for their insights on this constellation.

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