Venus moves into Capricorn on Friday Dec. 2nd and enters a friends sign.  Capricorn is a complex sign and is the natural 10th sign of the zodiac and connected to business and the natural need of Saturn for  security. Capricorns often have great  organizing power, desires success, fame and is a bit of reclusive energy.

Venus in Capricorn showers material pleasure  on its friend Saturn.   If you have this position in your natal chart (like I do) it can create loyal and mature love, conventional marriage and supports the underdog and the poor.    When it is afflicted it may create sexual coldness, fascination with death or reproductive problems or emotional flatness.

The combination of Venus being in Saturn’s sign creates stability in relationship  strong technical abilities in business, support oils, iron, steel and antiques and older people.  I often think the Venus/Saturn connection is one of creating beautiful infrastructure to support our aesthetic sense and I think of the murals and mosaics that were engineered into the new highway walls in Phoenix that add beauty to the concrete commute.

On a physical level, this transit supports attention to the body, to having the discipline to start that diet and supports activity like massage which combines the sensuous nature of Venus with the solid grounding of the needs of the body. Good month to find a good massage, take an exercise class that sculpts your body or to shop for new clothes.   Building a beautiful new business website seems like a perfect activity this month for this transit.

In transit, Venus will be only slightly afflicted by Mars but not very closely and Mars will exit Capricorn on Dec. 10th and Saturn will aspect Venus on Dec. 25th and will not be a real problem until maybe 3-4 days before so for the most part, the positive qualities of Venus in Capricorn will come out and it should support Christmas shopping.

Venus will transit through three nakshatras starting with Uttara Ashadha (Sag. 26.40-Capricorn 10) Dec. 2-10th.  We have discussed the constellation before but it is a very positive constellation dealing with elegance, authority and respect for courtesies, a talent for starting new ventures.   Again material success is emphasized but the soul may long for deeper spiritual satisfaction so go on that meditation or yoga retreat.   Venus in the constellation of Shravana, (Capricorn 10-23.20)  ruled by the moon,  Dec. 11-23rd, is bringing out its highest feminine nature and happiness but again material success should lead one back to the inward journey back to the Self.   Finally Dec. 23-29th, Venus will be in Dhanishta, ruled by Mars, and this is its hardest part of the  journey in this sign and will get caught in material desire and not seek higher spiritual knowledge and be too bound by Saturn’s responsibility.

Taurus and Libra rising will benefit most from this transit, bring out more happiness or joy at home and beauty of art and nature in foreign travel.  Aries and Scorpio rising will have more difficulty with women during short trips, with siblings, or with women in the workplace.   Cancer and Leo risings will have the most difficulty with the transit which can lead to loss of money or problems with female enemies.  Capricorns will enjoy this transit greatly as Venus will activate love of beauty, art and may bring a new relationship into one’s life.   Pisces and Sag. rising may find montetary benefits from this transit and Virgos could find new romance and spiritual adventure.  Of course these transits are 20% and you need to be running a strong dasha to bring out the best of these results.

Still Venus in Capricorn will be a nice material and stable vacation in contrast to the up-coming move into Aquarius Dec. 29-Jan. 28th where it will encounter the difficult Ketu and eclipse axis area on Jan. 7th. We will have a special article on this later in the month when it is more relevant.

So time to get that massage, go for sculpting your beautiful body and go for the riches of material success and enjoy great shopping but do not lose sight of your spiritual balance.  Venus is one of the two Guru planets, along with Jupiter and it gets out of balance if too lost in the material realm and the transit of Capricorn can easily do that.

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Note: Peoples charts and transits are very individual and we write general articles that maybe useful to all our readers. In reality, Vedic astrology is very much like  reading very specific strands of DNA.

The dancer pose in Yoga embodies Venus in Capricorn with balance and beauty and is always a great pose to do balance out beauty and structure in our life.

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