Mars moves into the constellation of Delphini the Dolphin know in Vedic astrology as Dhanishta Dec. 2-24th,  which is located Capricorn 23.20-Aquarius 10.  The symbol of this star is the drum and the Sanskrit name means the wealthiest or the most beneficent or the most heard of.  The constellation is ruled by the 8 Vasus which are usually connected to 8 gods including Apah the water goddess, Drhuv the pole star, Dhar, the bearer of water pouring from the pot, Anil or Vayu the wind god, Som, the moon diety and Pratyush which is Usha, the bearer of the dawn and Prabhas, the solar diety of the morning.  Shiva is the main diety of this constellation and which destroys ignorance and the craziness of the mind but does so with musical grace.

The constellation is connected to music and mastery over the material plane. Its nature is very diverse as it can adapt to any situation it finds itself in.  This constellation is ruled by Mars and it is exalted here at 28 degrees Capricorn. It reminds me of the superhero or great soldier who can deal with any problem or situation so great to conquer ignorance and unjust social causes with lots of energy.  Like most warriors and soldiers, they do not do well with married life and if you have Mars, Saturn or Rahu or Ketu placed here it can create rocky marriages.  Still this constellation can give fame and abundance.

The first quarter of this constellation (23.20-26.40 Capricorn) craves fame in being connected to the Sun and is not good for marital harmony. The 2nd quarter (26.41 -29.59 Capricorn)  is skilled in communications and is the area where Mars will be exactly exalted at 28 degrees on Dec. 8th.  This is a high point for the 2 year cycle of Mars through the zodiac bringing maximum energy to accomplish and to achieve and shine.  It is totally in its dharma as protector and will defend spirituality.

Things go down hill when Mars goes into Aquarius on Dec. 12th as it moves closer to Ketu exact around Christmas but Mars is still strong in its own constellation and in fact the Aquarius section promotes more optimism, social skills and working with groups and more musical expression.

People with Sun, moon or their ascendant in this constellation are brave warriors, often military leaders, do well with sports and are ambitious. People also excel here in organizational leadership and are very disciplined. It bestows wealth and success for people particularly if Mars and Saturn are well-placed in people’s charts.

Aries and Scorpio rising will particularly feel the strong energy and success that this constellation brings and even the 60 degree exact aspect to it on Dec. 3rd will not deter it from its mission. Good time for success and recognition and organization and musical and artistic expression.  Cancer rising will continue to have relationship issues and Leos will thrive through challenges like a superhero fighting and winning in a video game.  Virgos and Geminis have more problems with this transit with more problems in romance and relationship and potential legal and health problems. Pisces and Sag. do well financially with this transit while Taurus and Libra are more challenged.

The challenge with the Mars transit later in the month is that it will leave Dhanishta and go into Satabhishak on Dec. 22nd and start moving toward Ketu and hit exactly around Christmas. Mars/Ketu aspects are about seething anger that can explode into violence and often revolve around terrorism and fanaticism. Protest can errupt into violence. This does not bode well for Christmas.

Still until then, enjoy the energy to get a lot done in the next few weeks through Dec. 10th and go do courageous things to support and defend great causes but remember to be kind to others in the process. There is a lot of joy and enthusiasm that comes with the exalted Mars in Capricorn so leap for joy and express it in new ways.

Special thanks to Prash Trivedi for his insights on this constellation.

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Note: Peoples charts and transits are very individual and we write general articles that maybe useful to all our readers. In reality, Vedic astrology is very much like reading very specific strands of DNA.






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