People are already feeling tired and we have hardly moved into the holiday shopping swing and this month, the planets are not as supportive for that extra energy later in the month.  The good news is that Mars is moving toward its peak of exaltation into Dec. 8th this week and still is aspected by Jupiter and gives extra energy for getting out there.  Given the way the rest of the month is looking, use the next week to get ahead on your holiday baking, shopping and Christmas card needs as there will be some extra energy to get a lot done.    Still today, Dec. 3rd, Saturn is weighing Mars down with an exact sixty degree aspect from Scorpio know as a sextile in Western astrology and it being Saturday, it is draining energy and forcing a need to rest and let go.  This is further hurt by the Sun moving too close to Saturn which peaks next Saturday on Dec. 10th.  This also makes us more tired particularly if you are Capricorn or Aquarius rising or Scorpio rising or if Saturn is prominent in your natal chart in your 1st or 7th house. Use the frog pose to boost the adrenals to get through any extra fatigue and just take time and let go. It is a long month ahead.



As we approach the  winter solstice into Dec. 21st, the Sun is at its lowest point of the year with the most darkness for those on the northern hemisphere and this adds to getting run down, taxing the immune system,  lack of ambition and more cold.  Saturn’s weakness from the combustion until Dec. 28th will tax the immune system so take your immune boosting supplements like Colostrum or Echinechia to stay well.  Eat warm foods and spicy unctuous foods and take hot baths to calm the start of the winter and slow down. Ayurveda oil massages are a nice treat and can be done by yourself and they also help calm things.

As Saturn moves into the end of Scorpio after Christmas and into the first few weeks of January, you will have to stay rested and take care of Saturn and our body as it governs our infrastructure and immune system and spleen. Long yoga sessions are helpful to quiet and tone the body rather than intense aerobic workouts.  Of course our readers in the southern hemisphere need a different regime as they approach summer into the winter solstice.  Take care of yourself.  Saturdays this month, ruled by Saturn, are more difficult the next few months as it is afflicted by the Sun and combust and then in January it starts getting ready to change signs so do not overplan and overwork yourself.  See also my previous article from Thanksgiving on Saturn/Sun combustion:

Tuesdays ruled by Mars and Thursdays ruled by Jupiter and Friday ruled by Venus and Sundays ruled by the Sun will be much better days to get more stuff done.

As we move later in the month of December, Mars approaches Ketu Dec. 23-Dec. 30th with the exact conjunction on Dec. 25th. This will further zap holiday energy and create intense seething anger and frustration if you do not get an early start on your holiday preparation.  The energy will not be there the last minute so do not procrastinate this year.  Mercury also goes retrograde Dec. 19th so holiday travel and delivery delays will be frustrating so order early as there  may be additional snags. If you can travel, start early like on Dec. 17-18th before the retrograde Dec. 19-Jan 8th  and that will help but otherwise, plan ahead, allow extra time and be patient when those plane are delayed or traffic jams that arise.  Save your blood pressure, get your meditation in, stay on top of planning.

Bottomline, take care of yourself and your needs early.   Find time to give to others to combat holiday depression caused by the coming of the winter solstice and shorter days of light.  Take more walks in the Sun when the weather is nice to give yourself extra light or buy a special winter light lamp to put on your desk to combat growing winter depression and the on-set of the winter solstice.



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Note: Peoples charts and transits are very individual and we write general articles that maybe useful to all our readers. In reality, Vedic astrology is very much like  reading very specific strands of DNA.

Special thanks to my friend Gary O’Toole of Timeline astrology for spurring some great thoughts on this piece!



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