The focus of this week is the Sun moving toward conjunction with Saturn which is exact on Saturday, Dec. 10th.   The positive qualities of Saturn are burned up as the Sun gets closer  and it brings out the darker side of this aspect:  resistance to authority, conflict, delays, intensity around work, emotionally fearful, problems with people skills and feeling stuck around making change. Saturn governs the common people and employees and responsibility, so major issues around these may be up the next few weeks.  It can also bring up loneliness and depression.  All of these  can be dealt with if you are aware of them.  Get out more with people, stop procrastinating and stop losing your peace of mind fighting against authority that you may not be able to change.

As we mentioned last week, this aspect can also bring out political revolt.   Italy in the news is a prime example with their transiting Saturn at 24 Scorpio opposing their natal Sun at 25 Taurus in their 1946 chart.  Sun conjunct Saturn at 24 Scorpio, thus Saturn is fueling the desire for a change of government. Also note how the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Key, is resigning also.   Expect more such action on the political scene around the world as this aspect intensifies with potential riots, resignations and major problems with government and leadership not working.

On a personal level, this aspect can create more fatigue so rest more, take time off and do not push yourself too hard.  It can also bring out more fear.  The mind tends to take 20% of our fear and exaggerate it into 120%. 99% of the things we fear never happen. I am getting questions about 9/11 type events and people fearing the end of the world and the peak of the post-election fears about Trump are starting to come up.  Somehow the world continues and God’s loving hand guides us even though it seems that it is overwhelming and that too much suffering is happening in the world– and that is true.

Fear can be averted through meditation, service work, charity, awareness but getting caught up in fear is not useful. My posts are not meant to scare people but make you aware of the influences of the puppet strings of the planets and how they impact your minds and emotions. You do not have to buy into those emotions and usually meditation and yoga and helping others will help you move beyond the noise of planets.  Saturn out of balance can lead to too much of the air element or vata in Ayurveda. Do not rush around like a rabbit and not do too much; otherwise, our anxiety level increases and we are more likely to get sick from hypertension or anxiety-related illness. The cooling weather of the start of winter is also creating more anxiety. Drink more hot water and calming herbal teas, slow down, do slower exercise like yoga or Tai Chi, get oil massages and eat more hot meals and you can keep this aspect at bay.

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If you are running Saturn/Sun periods or Sun/Saturn periods or you are Leo rising or Scorpio or Capricorn or Aquarius rising, the impact of these energies may be more pronounced in your chart and life. You may face climatic issues around responsibility, problems with government and taxes, or general rebellion around the “new people in charge.”     Remember that political tension and opposition is the rajas or dynamism that creates and propels change.    Stop fearing the worse that has not happened. The mind is jumping to absurd conclusions.   When we put so much energy into opposing leadership, it takes away our peace of mind.    Do something good in your community if leadership is not showing up.  You can make a difference. Take action to make a difference rather than sit back and criticize.

The exact conjunction of the Sun with Saturn on Dec. 10th can be a good thing and is called cazimi and comes from medieval astrology and it used to refer to planets that are so close to a conjunction with the Sun that they are “in the heart” of the Sun. They actually become energized by the Sun and their most positive qualities come out.  This will be a positive for Saturday, Dec. 10th for Saturn. .  An example of cazimi is Oprah Winfrey who has a cazimi Venus; it has made her an incredible star to women and brought out her acting and relationship abilities with the public to a pinnacle.  Saturn Cazimi may inspire you into a new level of service and responsibility and you may shine in that role of leadership. Your body may suddenly seem super strong after being strung out and anxious all week.  This fulcrum point will last just a day and then the problem issues with Saturn combust will return until it is complete on Dec. 28th. It is like finding an oasis in the middle of a sandstorm. Enjoy it for a day as it will not last.

My friend, Juliana Swanson of Astral Harmony  talking about the Saturn cazimi describes it as a strong lesson around humility: “The secret to harmonizing the energy of Saturn-Sun aspects is to cultivate humility, which is the moral quality of selflessness, compassion and self-restraint from vanity. In spiritual terms, humility is a profound gift of higher awareness that brings us in alignment with our Divine nature. True humility is remembering and knowing the Self. ”   I think that is the highest aspect of leadership embodied in this very unusual energy coming with Saturn this weekend which is service for humanity and not for ego or any recognition.

On a personal level, use the transits to transform your deep unconscious fears, which is what is coming up in Scorpio to heal. What are you afraid of? What are you avoiding dealing with? What can you do to get in unstuck? Usually yoga and exercise are good to get things moving but be gentle on yourself as too much will increase the air element or vata and create more anxiety. Look deep into your soul and do the transformational work and it will be very transformative.

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Note: Peoples charts and transits are very individual and we write general articles that maybe useful to all our readers. In reality, Vedic astrology is very much like reading very specific strands of DNA.

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