Mars moves into the sign of Aquarius Dec. 11th and stays there through the Presidential inauguration into Jan. 20th.  Aquarius is an idealistic sign connected with humanitarian ideals, scientific discovery and is also a very spiritual sign and also one where the demons of the past come up to be healed.

The first few days of Mars in Aquarius through Tuesday, require us to take more rest.  After the extra energy of Capricorn and the exact exaltation of Mars, there is a sudden chasm as Mars is not sure exactly where he is as he enters a new sign and is bit more tired and getting his bearings.  Do the frog pose and rest more to get through the transition.

Aquarius is an air sign dominated by the Vata element and it can activate Mars to solve problems quickly but it also can  create quick waves of anger that are quickly forgotten, create love of adventure and promote solutions with engineering. The more positive side of the transit will come out through Dec. 21st as we have discussed in our article on Mars in Dhanishta.  See:  Use the energy the next few weeks to do great action to serve humanity and create positive energy in work for the service of humanity.

With Mars moving into Aquarius and also exchanging signs with Saturn in Scorpio, we will have a deeper activation of the Mars/Saturn yogas that we have discussed but now they will have a new flavor.  As Mars moves closer to Ketu into Christmas and particularly after Dec. 22nd, it will activate Mars’ darker energy and bring out more of a tendency to get into disputes, to be more reckless, dictatorial , frustrated and burned out, depressed and violent and it may bring out fevers, rashes and burns and accidents.   This is something we need to be concerned more about Dec. 22nd to Jan. 8th but often when a new sign is transited, the issues may come up in a milder form.  Be aware and take care to stay rested, not run around too much and keep your anger at bay.    We will write a special article about Mars/Ketu conjunction later in the month as it becomes more of an issue but for now enjoy the more positive qualities of the transit which are there until the Winter Solstice on Dec. 21st. .

Ketu has been transiting through Aquarius and we have written about this previously. It is in the constellation of Satabhishak, which is a  highly philosophical, socially active and humanitarian in its nature. It forces us to breakdown all boundaries of race, age, status, nationality and religion and usher in a feeling of oneness with humanity. Liberals will rejoice in this value but it is spurring  a deep polarization in the world as the more conservative Saturn in Scorpio is exchanging signs with Ketu who is the co-owner of Scorpio.   Given the separating energies of nationalism that the planet has gone through it seems now that Mars is moving into Aquarius, it may stir the pot and conflict even more.  Stay out of the political anger. It robs your peace of mind and is much bigger than anything we can control and that is frustrating but save your self and help others rather than rail against things you cannot change. You can use the Mars energy to do service work and help people around Christmas and donate to those in need and that is a way to transform the political anger”

We now have a new Parivartana Yoga or mutual reception as Western astrologers like to call it between Mars and Saturn and Scorpio and Aquarius and because Ketu is involved in Aquarius and also bringing a stronger aspect, it will stir the Mars/Saturn energies up again.  We will have to write about this later as it will affect different rising signs in different ways based on the houses involved.   For now the rising signs of Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, Libra benefit most because of the exchange of houses between angular houses like the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th and other houses of gains like the 2nd and 11th and with Libra the 5th house gets involved.  Still this is very specific for each chart and it is hard to elaborate on for now.

My friend Juliana Swanson of Astral Harmony did a great job summarizing the exchange of signs between Saturn and Mars and its implications on the mundane level:

” With Mars and Saturn influencing each other like this, the tamo-guna is enhanced, which can come across as irritated, stubborn, rigid, stuck or depressive. Two of the best ways to work with this energy are deep massage and aerobic exercise, both of which will help clear and renew our life force when tamas is too high. Another important consideration for this Mars-Saturn exchange is that our adrenal and immune systems may need more attention than usual. This is because these systems are connected to the Muladhara (Saturn) and Manipura (Mars) chakras, our earth and fire energy centers.

With Mars and Saturn coming together, we may be more assertive and unyielding than usual, yet will also have to consider the needs of others unless we want to meet frustration at every turn. It will be helpful to focus on the positive, such as in terms of where we receive support in the world, rather than giving too much attention to the places and people that restrict us.

So use this energy to create great postitive social change , invent new technological wonders but go slowly as to not activate too much reckless energy and you will need to be careful around the Christmas holiday and we will write more about this later.

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