Lot of shifts this week.  Mars moving from its sign of exaltation into a weaker and vulnerable position the next few days is like being on of those old amusement park rides where you are spun and held by centrifugal force and then the floor comes out from you.  This is most felt by Aries and Scorpio rising signs.   We talked about Mars in Aquarius in our earlier post but should add that the Mars/Saturn exchange of signs between two fixed signs can bring up a lot of feelings around being stuck and frustrated.  Certain rising signs like Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Libra may find success with work, relationships, health and children with a lot of push and exertion of energy.  Other signs may have the frustration and feeling stuck but will have more complications in your life and you are going to have to be patient.  Exercise and be active that will be key to get through the tamasic inertia over the next 6 weeks of  the transit.  We will get to an article about this by sign.  The exchange between Aquarius and Scorpio does not happen that often as Saturn is in Scorpio only a few years ever 29 years.

Sun is a bit challenged this week which means issues around father, bosses and authority figures, politicians, health, self-esteem and the growth of the soul are at the forefront.  Firstly, the Sun is still pretty close to Saturn and is not 3 degrees apart until mid week. Secondarily, it is moving in  the Scorpio gandata (Scorpio 27-30)  area  (literally meaning drowning) known as the stingers tail section of Scorpio where deep karmic purification can happen as major soul issues come up to heal. It feels better by Thursday when it transits into Sagittarius finally but still is not free of affliction until Dec. 19th. Leos and Scorpio Sun signs may feel this most. Huge issues around self-image and self-confidence are likely to surface for healing.  Remember, the puppeteer is hard at work pushing your buttons. Push back with a big hug to the Self and saying good things about yourself into your bathroom mirror. Do not buy into the garbage coming up in your thoughts.

The good news is the full moon in Taurus on Tuesday, Dec. 13th which will restore our full heart energy and some of the gusto to move forward. Still it will be opposed by Saturn on Tuesday afternoon restricting some of its power.

Moon is conjunct Rahu starting on Dec. 18th kicking in the final round of the Kala Sarpa yoga until Dec. 26th.  (see our previous article: The end of the fall karmic knot is coming into the end and hopefully this will be the end of a lot of heavy karma to lift.  Given this is happening during Dec. 19th with the electoral college vote and given how close Saturn is moving to Trump’s natal moon in Scorpio, we wonder if there will be some unexpected fireworks around the electoral college vote.   Certainly, we can all be spared my drama here.

Finally Mercury goes stationary/retrograde in Sagittarius on Dec. 19th making Christmas travel and late shopping more precarious.  We will talk more about this later in the week.

Have a good week and make sure you give yourself a big hug everyday!  Hugging others is a way to get the energy flowing.  You deserve it.

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