Everyone knows about Mercury retrograde so I wanted to share some new things.  First of all if you were born with Mercury retrograde, you are more right-brain orientated and have more spatial orientation and recognize patterns and are not logical.  It will be interesting to observe if during Mercury retrograde you need to be more intuitive rather than logical during the  transit.

Secondary, Mercury retrograde is not bad for every rising sign.   It is most difficult for Cancers and Scorpio rising and Pisces and Capricorn and Aquarius   rising due to the houses  (some combination of 6, 8, 12 and even 7 are a problem) that it owns and it actually makes Virgos and Geminis stronger in their physical body but maybe more inward.   Taurus rising does particularly good with it and Libra will have mixed result and Leos also are not as troubled.

Secondly the house that Mercury retrogrades in will also impact the difficulty of the retrograde. So for Cancer Rising and Taurus rising and Capricorn rising, Mercury is retrograding in the 6th, 8th and 12th in Sagittarius  so those rising signs may have more trouble with it.     Mercury is still in the Parivartana yoga (mutual exchange) with Jupiter in Virgo and that uplifts Mercury but the retrograde will negatively impact Jupiter and make it more sluggish in its expansive capabilities because Jupiter is in Mercury’s sign.

So like always, back up your computers early, get your Christmas orders in early so you do not have to deal with lost and misunderstood orders, get ready for miscommunication and all those things you know so well.

Mercury is the trickster like Hermes in Greek Mythology and he wants to make us laugh.  Good time for funny movies, comedy improv and games. Those lost packages and emails have to be laughed at and we have to be very patient with all of this otherwise we will get very frustrated.

The astrology for the Christmas holiday is challenging  this year with Mars conjunct Ketu and people are going to blame it on Mercury retrograde but we get Mercury retrograde 4 times a year and this year it will be in fire signs in Sagittarius,  Aries and Leo so it may test our irritability and anger levels more.  Look for the humor in the mix-ups and travel delays and be patient and laugh and Mercury will be your friend.

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