The outer planets and their major angular relationships have an important influence on world affairs and often our personal lives also.   We have two major events over the next week involving Uranus and Neptune with Jupiter being 180 degrees or opposite Uranus on Dec. 26th  between sidereal Virgo and Pisces at 26 degrees and Mars conjunct  Neptune on  Jan. 1st at 15 degrees Aquarius which is exactly opposite where the Sept. 1st solar eclipse was in Leo.

While the outer planets are not a traditional part of Vedic astrology, I find them important for understanding collective behavior and if they impact sensitive points in your chart within 2 degrees by transit or in your natal chart, they can be rather impactful. As Dennis Harness has discussed,  “Narendra  Desai saw an ancient Vasistha Nadi palm leaf in a museum in Madras, India, which predicted that three important grahas or planets would be discovered by the jyotishis of the Kali Yuga. The great seer Vasistha was the author of a number of hymns in the Rg Veda (dated 3000 BC) and was considered a great priest of the kings. According to the ancient palm leaf the names of the grahas or planets would be Prajapati, Varuna, and Yama. The middle one, Varuna is know today as Neptune.”

“Varuna is the lord of the cosmic waters and is associated with the mysterious laws of fate. He is a powerful, mystical healer and is the lord of maya or illusion. Varuna is the bestower of spiritual wisdom and the god of cosmic medicines. In the early cycles of Creation all the gods together approached Varuna and said to him: “May you accept the lordship of all waters on earth and protect us all. May you ever dwell in the ocean, refuge of the aquatic creatures. The great ocean, the husband to all the rivers and streams, would thus remain subservient to you. You would swell and shrink along with the Moon”.4 This sounds strikingly similar to the role and meaning of Neptune, god of the mystical seas, in modern tropical astrology.”

Dennis goes onto note that “Uranus is probably connected to Prajapati is the lord of progeny and creativity. He “exerts his heat and duplicates himself” and his “divine voice sounds like thunder”.  One of the translations of Prajapati is Indra, the lord of thunder and lightening. A similarity to the planet Uranus can easily be seen. Uranus represents the Prometheus myth of bringing fire to earth, the bringer of change and innovation. Uranus is often associated with heat, lightening and thunder. He was also the father of Venus, the goddess of creativity. Narendra Desai felt that Uranus was a higher octave of Mercury, the god of creative intellect. He said that a prominent Uranus was often seen in the chart of a good astrologer.”  (See: http://dennisharness.com/plutoneovedic.html)


So what can we make of Jupiter’s opposition to Uranus on Dec. 26th?   Uranus is connected to surprises and the connection with Jupiter may bring an unexpected encounter with someone who may impact your life in a strong way and help liberate you from an unwanted situation.   On a personal level this transit can create a release from boundaries and restrictions or a break from limiting experience like a relationship or job. It will create energy to implore you not to continue the same way you have been doing things.  Though technically a challenging transit, the relief from stress and tension can be very satisfying. A change in beliefs or social interaction may be all it takes to act as a circuit breaker. At the deeper level you are seeking a burst of higher awareness, to transcend your daily routine and bring on a spiritual growth spurt. There is a conflict between the practical and the ideal and Jupiter in Virgo will force you to side with the practical.

If you choose to make a break, it will release a lot of tension but you have to make these breaks carefully and with a clear head and the current Mercury retrograde will muddy the waters a bit.  Go with Jupiter’s grace to make the change even if it seems disruptive.  This transit has been building to a two degree influence over the past few week so that change may have come already. I recently had a client who has felt the urge to separate  from a business partner and this is the kind of influence that has been building and could climax this week. If you are Virgo or Pisces rising you will be most affected by this transit or if you key planets at 26-28 degrees Virgo or Pisces you will be particularly impacted.


On Jan. 1st as we go into the New Year, we have Mars approaching conjunction with Neptune with the two degree influence being felt Dec. 29-Jan. 3rd.  This transit is also happening very close to Ketu and we have written about Ketu/Neptune already.  (See: https://www.appliedvedicastrology.com/astrological-weather-forecast-nov-13-23rd-irrational-fears-social-fantasies/  )        Mars/Neptune conjunctions can bring up strange and irritable feelings  and create unconscious anxieties and discouragement. You may find yourself in a self-deprecating space.  This could lead to delusional fantasies or listening and acting from characters that are not grounded.   It is not a time to begin anything new because there is a fog or delusion around what is real and what will be successful.

Positives to look forward to include more energy and enthusiasm to chase your dreams and spiritual goals. Negatives to watch out for include a tendency to over idealize partners and leave yourself open to deception and scandal. Keep yourself grounded in the real world as much as possible. Your desire to help others can easily be taken advantage of. Being extra sensitive you should avoid negative environments where violence, crime and drugs are prevalent. Your body is more susceptible to poisons, drugs, alcohol, medication and infection. So pass on that New Years eve party with people who you do not know in that questionable part of town.

Use this transit to do selfless service and charity work or spiritual or religious group to help others.  Avoid abusing your body with too much activity as this may lead to exhaustion.  Infections and fevers are possible and the energy may be quite intense so avoid escaping into a New Years alcoholic binge that may temporary lead to escape but lead to deeper complexity.  This transit will affect you most if you are Scorpio or Aries rising or Aquarius rising or if you have key planets like the Sun, Moon or the ascendent at 13-15 degrees Aquarius or Leo.

I have learned a lot from Western astrologers and I do not think we can dismiss the outer planets particularly if they are hitting a key spot in your chart or impacting the lord of your chart.  Observe what is happening in your life with Jupiter and Mars this week and see how the world is impacted.

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Note: Peoples charts and transits are very individual and we write general articles that maybe useful to all our readers. In reality, Vedic astrology is very much like reading very specific strands of DNA.

Wishing you a warm and joyous holiday.  Have a great week!






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